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Overcoming Sugar Addiction

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Has anyone done this?

I was thinking of cutting all sugary foods and limiting to 2 portions low sugar fruits a day and no carbs.

What works for you?

(apologies, I know this is a repeat thread but my previous one has been high-jacked by the usual people who use CC to show off rather than actually give helpful advice and community support)

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Eating more PROTEIN and FAT + vegetables!!

Coconut oil, almond butter (or another nut butters) are my go to "treats" that I use instead of sugary stuff. Mixing coconut oil + almond butter creates this wonderful sweet (yet sugar free) deliciousness that's smooth and creamy. If you add a bit of cocoa powder too it becomes a sugar-free nutella type spread!!

Also try looking up "avocado mousse" on google, there's lots of recipes to make it! Pretty good too... avocado is another thing that "works for me", it's an awesome addition to any meal (especially fish and eggs!)

I find that eating protein, fat, and vegetables together makes you full for a really long time. Eggs work WONDERS for keeping you full AND energetic (not weighed down and sluggish)

I have a new found love for SARDINES, and canned salmon spine bones!!

I make pancakes, muffins, bread, and waffles out of protein powder, coconut flour, egg whites, flax seed, and winter squash-- then I top the finished product with some coconut oil (as "butter"), or sprinkle with cinnamon, or drizzle with SF syrup, or mash up some frozen raspberries/strawberries with stevia and make a SF jam to top with. 

Butternut squash, kabocha squash, and pumpkin all taste fantastic with cinnamon... almost dessert like!!

As long as you are eating plenty of vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, you shouldn't feel like you need to eat crappy carbs like bread, pasta, and cookies. 

Ditto what was said.

I used to NEED chocolate after every single meal even when I was already full, even though those meals were balanced. But sugar was very triggering and once I took a bite, more and more just followed until I felt bloated and nasty. 

One day I decided I've had enough (that and because I was getting bad acid reflux from the chocolate) and decided to trying cutting unneccessary sugars (from after meal desserts), but still allowed myself all the fruit I wanted (usually 2-3 pieces of fruit per day). I did that for about a month and now I feel much better. Bottom line is, if you want to rid your sugar addiction, you should try to cut out those sugary foods and only go for naturally occurring sugars instead. Of course, once in a while I allow myself some chocolate (usually dark) but oddly enough, after cutting it out for a while I don't crave it as much. I actually crave fruit now!! 

OH and a yummy trick I found that helped me was to freeze some grapes and eat a few after lunch/dinner. They're incredibly refreshing and helped me curb my sugar cravings when I just started cutting out chocolate/sugary foods! You may have heard this a lot but sipping on hot drinks can help too. For me, I like the sugar-free hot cocoas :) 

GREAT tips guys, thanks so much for posting!!

fats, protein, frozen grapes - will try for sure

And yes - it does seem like I have a whole extra stomach especially made for desserts

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