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How many ounces in muffins this size? (PIC INCLUDED)

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Hey all,

I know muffins (commercially made ones atleast) aren't exactly the healthiest things ever, but I took a picture to get your help.  I am a broke college student and I often find myself in situations where muffins this size are being offered.  Not quite a MINI muffin but definitely smaller than the regular one.  I took a picture...does anybody have any idea how many ounces you think this muffin is, or how many calories?

It's banana :)

560773_10151699504365013_718425012_23830032_2 51532895_n.jpg


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The muffins I buy are about 2 cm taller and a little under 100g. I think your muffin is about 75g (maybe 80ish at MOST) which is about 2.6 ounces (28g in an ounce). If I had to guess the number of calories, id say 200-260. Probably not more.

Thank youu!  I always roughly guestimated 200ish.

If you have a food-scale,  you could weigh it,  then when you go to log it,  find the drop-down menu  that allows you to change the weight of the food you are eating.  Keep in mind that a banana muffin is basically banana bread in a cup,  so you could look at CCs entries for banana bread, too.


PS - that muffin looks like a nice normal "homemade" size,  not like the crazy huge ones you see!  So its probably a good portion-size for that kind of food.

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