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What do I order at a mexican restaurant???

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Hi.  My friend asked me to go out to dinner with her tonight and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could order that's not too unhealthy? 
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Is there any way you can check out the restaurant's menu beforehand? That way you can have a look at the kinds of choices you're looking at and select what you'll order before you go.

Should make it easier to make healthier choices.

Barring that, beans are good, and keep it light on the cheese and sauces.
I have always thought Mexican food is hard to choose as far as low calories...I would choose the chicken dishes,  salsa is good too
I know I am not much help in this area because I do like Mexican food.  I even might say just eat half your plate and get a to go baggy....
i always have chicken enchalads(sp) no rice or beans. then i cover in salsa only about 300 cals for 1
One of the places we go for Mexican is Chevy's I get the Fajita's no cheese and I don't eat the rice and beans it is like 280 calories I order the corn tortillas and they are 80 calories a pc. They are in the Calorie Count Data Base.
*blushes* eep.

Guess I forgot about the difference my my preparation to the restaurant's.

Mebbe beans wouldn't be such a grand idea after all. lol
Actually- if you order black beans and not refried- beans have a lot of fiber in them- so they would be good for you. :) Fiber helps fill you up and flush fat out of your system.
Check with the waiter when you get there - very often "refried beans" are not fried at all.

I think the suggestion about fajitas is good, especially chicken.  All that meat and vegetables are grilled. 
I usually order either chicken fajitas or chicken fajita salad without the bowl, just on a plate.  Pretty low calorie if you limit your portion size.
First ever field trip since I've been in college (I'm nearing the end of my third year). It's in my spanish class, and we're goin' to a li'l mexican restaurant, Los Cuatros Amigos, which doesn't have a menu online. I'm a li'l apprehensive about goin', but I'm gonna try to stick to the chicken dishes, hopefully they'll have fajitas.
Just remember to ask if you can have the fajitas prepared WITHOUT OIL!  Most Fajita chicken dishes are marianated in spices mixed with oil and then oiled again for grilling. 
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Bring your own baked tortilla chips in a baggie.  Also, most of the refried beans are made with lard so i would ask before ordering them.  I know Gaspacho is low in fat and calories and most Mexican places I have been to also have shrimp coctail. 
tortilla soup, hold the tortilla strips.  maybe that and a salad.
I've given up mexican food altogether for a while because I cannot find any really low cal variations without giving up most of the substance that makes it so appealing. I would rather not tempt myself. Mexican food is one of my favorite things and I am afraid once I start I will not be able to stop myself. 
Period's here, I've been over on cals lately anyway, I figure why not splurge today at lunch and ENJOY what I'm eating. Not to mention the fact that there will be about 20 of us ordering at the same time and they're bound to screw some of our orders up anyway, why make it harder on them?
Ugh, bad attitude, I know ... can I blame it on the hormones?
I love Mexican food.....Usually I order tostada compuesta....(taco salad) another good one is the fajitas, or if you like seafood....order  ceviche.  Almost anywhere you go these days, they try to have a lo-cal dinner....just ask.  Birrya is low in fat also.  (goat meat)
OK, my mexican ordeal went well, and DELICIOUSLY! I got the chicken fajita taco salad .... shoulda asked for no cheese or sour cream, but I ate 'em and like 3/4 of the shell anyway. All in all, it actually wasn't as high-cal as it COULDA been, and it was SOOO good!
A lot of Mexican restaurants are starting to offer Veggie Fajitas.  I try to go with that and skip the sour cream.
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I second the veggie fajitas.  Just go light on the sour creme and guacamole! :)
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