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Onions raw vs onions cooked

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When trying to log my calories it seems the only options for onions are raw, breaded and fried, or boiled.

I drizzle mine with a tsp of balasmic vinegar and put them in a 375 degree oven until theyre tender and a little charred so i dont know which one to put

I generally wind up just putting raw

should I do something else? Im not sure how big a difference it make

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I don't think it really matters.  I usually use raw if the cooking method I use isn't listed.  Just be sure to add anything you cooked it with such as oil, salt, etc.

Jul 24 2008 17:34
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For what you're doing, use the boiled number.  Baking them at 375 amounts to the same thing. It looks like this ups the calories per cup from 64 to 92. 
If you're cooking things from scratch enter all the raw ingredients.  Whatever you then do to it, the total calories really don't change

I just want to second what gi-jane said...there are a lot of foods listed on CC that have different calories for the same items, depending on how they are cooked, which gives the impression that calories change through cooking, but this is not so. your onion example, bolied per cup would have more calories than raw per cup because the cooked ones take up less space so there are more in a cup. But if you took the same amount of raw onions, cooked them however you like, the calories do not change UNLESS you add oil or butter or other things with calories themselves, of course. SO I always wiegh and measure my raw portions wherever possible.

The one thing this does not work for is bacon or other meats where fat drips away. The package states that one slice of bacon is a bajillion calories and just as many grams of fat. But that includes all the fat that gets rendered out and thrown away, so how can we tell how many calories are in the cooked bacon? Thanks to CC there are some cooked bacon values listed, I guess from those pre-cooked bacon packages.

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