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I'm not a big beer drinker because it fills me up way to fast but when I eat certain foods I do enjoy a great tasting, full flavored light beer. I have found Mich Ultra to be low in calories and high in taste, but I was wondering if any one has tried Miller 64 or knows anything about it. How can it only be 64 calories with out tasting like watered down nothingness? Is it smaller ounce wise than other light beers? Any info would be awesome! :-)

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I am not a beer drinker myself, I get drunk too fast. lol. So when I do drink I just get a good wheet based beer on tap. It does taste better then all the lite stuff out there. Besides One pint is what around 200-300 calories? I can deal with that. Everything in moderation. Wink

Iunno about miller lite 64 but the Miller Chill is suppose to be really good. Its brewed w. lime and salt. I have yet to try it. I will when Im driving DD one night. For some reason I get drunk really quick on everything but Beer.

I've tried it -- it tastes like Alka Seltzer to me.  Has a weird zip to it.  Hard to describe.  I'm an MGD fan but I'd rather have just 1 bottle of that than a 6-pack of the 64.

I haven't tried the Miller 64 but I have had the Beck's Light which is also 64 calories.  It has a nice taste imo, but it also has, as you expect for a 64 calorie beer, a very low alcohol content.  Because of the lightness and lack of alcohol I end up drinking more of them than I would normally drink of a normal light beer.  I tend to do better with full flavor beers and ales in spite of their higher calories content I am satisfied by drinking fewer of them so it ends up being fewer calories in the long run.

Tastes like Natty (Natural Light). If you don't mind the taste of that- essentially water- then drink it and save some calories!

Hi...I'm a beer drinker, although not really anymore since I've been trying to lose weight since sept. But I bought some miller 64 since I like regular Miller light. but I agree with the other person that says it is flavorless. It is really Blaaa. I told my mom she could have it. Since I like beer with strong flavor I pretty much thought miller 64 tasted reallly watered down. My fav beer is Stella Artois.

All, hi, like most of you there, I tried  Miller 64 because it was low in calories. It took awhile to get used to the taste, but I've adjusted. After a  week or  two, I found I really like the taste. Now Ultra and other light beers seem too heavy and bitter. I toss a couple in my freezer after work. The colder the better. Give yourself a chance with this one. You may find it's worth it after all.

When I drink beer, it's to get buzzed. I don't know about the alcohol content but I agree - - it's somewhat flavorless.  However, since I know I'll be having more than a few, I suffer through the taste for the buzz.

If I could and not go back to having that big belly paunch, I would be a beer drinker (actually, I would go back to drinking Imperial Stouts and Porters on a regular basis--but moderately).  But since even 2 o3 of the kinds of "beers" I was drinking could have 500-600 calories, I gave them up. 

Now, to your question.  I want a minimum of around 4.2 to 4.4 alc. in my beer.  Miller 64 is only 2.6 alc. %.  I was used to drinking Imperials with 7 to 14% alc. I tried drinking 2  '64's and quit at 2.  I absolutely found it very much not worth drinking.  Now if you are really hot on a hot summer day, I suppose ice cold, it would be OK to drink.  I would recommend water, however.

I have found that about the only light beers I can stomach (and only in ice cold frosty mugs) are Miller Lite with 96 calories at 4.2 alc.%, Milwaukee's Best Life with 96 calories at 4.5 alc.%, and Bud Select at 99 calories with 4.3 alc.%.  Actually, I can't say that I am too crazy about any of them.

My recommendation for someone who is watching his/her calories but wants a full-tasting beer, is to drink Keystone Premium (in moderation) which has only 111 calories and 4.4 alc.%.  It actually tastes like beer.

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I've tried it, tastes beer flavored water. Also, at 64 calories and 2.8% calorie content (or 190.5 cal per alcohol oz), if your intention is to get a buzz, you are better off trying a different beer with flavor.  If your intention is to enjoy beer flavored water and stay sober, then this is definitely your beer.

See this link for lower calorie beers with more flavor and lists alcohol content. ers_to_get_you_drunk_but_not_make_you_fat

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