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Once again I have found an insect in my frozen cauliflower!

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A couple of weeks ago, I found a caterpillar in President's Choice frozen cauliflower. However, I only realized this after it was boiled and half-eaten, so I could not take it back for a refund.  Right now, again, I found another insect, and this is really starting to get irritating. (Again, it's the same story - the cauliflower is cooked and out of the bag now, so I cannot take it back ... or can I?) What can I do? How can I prove that it is their cauliflower, and that I am not making it up? When you buy a frozen product, you would think there should not be any [once] living creatures in it, besides the plant itself, right?

I should also add that President's Choice is the only brand that makes frozen cauliflower (in my region), so switching to another brand is not an option. Besides, I really like the product - but I should not have to spend time picking out insects, especially when I payed the money.
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why not just buy fresh if its that big of deal...that way you can inspect it yourself

another thought...youve found a bug twice out of how many bags of veggies youve eatten? it does happen.
So... you mean it's typical, and I am just overreacting?

And about buying fresh cauliflower - I know there are many benefits to that too, but frozen vegetables are  just so much more convenient...
well not typical as in in every bag there should be a bug or something :P im just saying it happens...and how many bags have you had with no bugs? 

I will admit though that that would gross me out..haha big time..I wouldnt even be able to finish the califlower haha...maybe just inspect the califlower before you cook it :D just lay it all out on paper towels before hand and check it out.
I'm sorry for you, myself I'd rather eat the catapiller.
you can freeze fresh cauliflower too... just break it up into florets, (blanch them for a few mins,) shove them in a bag and freeze them. pretty much the same as the commercial bagged stuff.
skyebudge - yeah, that's definitely what I will start doing from now on...

Overcast - that's a good idea for someone who is not as lazy as me... But I would feel much better if I found a bug in cauliflower that I froze myself. =)
indeedy :D i hate when i find bugs in my food :( very sad...
As a farmer, bugs happen. Honestly, I rather find bugs than no bugs, because the lack of bugs... means they are most likely putting some chemical on the product that you rather not eat. At least if bugs are eating the food, you can have some hope that it isn't coated in harmful pesticides. I guess it comes down to personal choice, what would you rather eat... bugs or pesticides? I vote for bugs!
Yes, well, another thing I forgot to add, which is also quite important, is that bugs are my biggest phobia...
This topic makes me itch. giggles I was wondering does that company inspect their food products carefully. Sure once is a while there could be a critter slip by but twice is not very good. I think I would make the company aware of the problem by email. You can email most company's consumer division and make them aware of what you have found. It does not hurt to do this even if you dont get a refund it still is helpful for that company to know. I think so anyway. Oh well makes me look at my frozen veggies more carefully. Huggers to the lil buggers
If it's any comfort, that caterpiller only ate cauliflower so he's clean and not germy, just yucky and disgusting. 

I'd write a letter to the company.  If they have a website, you might be able to e-mail them.  They need to know that they are letting critters get through their processing. 
*HUGS* I'm sorry bugs are your phobia... I know how difficult that is. I have a major fear of bees, so 2 years ago I started a bee hive. Facing our fears is a big hurdle to overcome.  

Cauliflower is a hard one. We don't grow califlower here, but we do grow broccoli, which is similiar in structure... I can wash broccoli for 10 minutes, even hold it under water and still there will be a couple of bugs on it. That's just what happens when vegetables are grown outside. Honestly, I just don't get paid enough to sit for a half an hour picking all the little bugs off a single head of broccoli. Farming wages are not glamorous. =) You always can look into hydroponic products, which are usually grown indoors, in a controlled environment.... but they are a little more expensive.

We send some of our vegetables (butternut squash) for processing into frozen foods. Pretty much, the process is that they send over a big truck, fill it with produce, take it right away to a factory, where it is washed, chopped, blanched, frozen and bagged. I can easily see how bugs can get through on cauliflower and I am sure they are within the FDA guidelines regarding number of bugs per package. (You can find those numbers on the FDA website).

What if you bought a bag of the frozen product, washed it yourself, being very thorough, then rebagged it and put it in the freezer?
YUCKY!!! that is sooo gross ... and while you were eating it!!  mosco, i feel bad for you, that's disgusting!  i'd definately write them an email.  ewe, personally, an experience like that could ruin a food for me forever.
Oh my god I would throw up. Literally, all over the place. Ew! And it's not even one of those tiny little fruit flies, I mean caterpillars are noticeable. I would definitely freeze my own, I always blast mine with water from all directions for fear I'd eat a bug.
eh... myself, I'd probably just pick the bug off and keep eating. lol. but, then again, I'm a gross ol' country girl.

I do look at my frozen veggies fairly close before I cook them and pick out anything I dont want to eat (leaves, rotted pieces, bugs) and if you can get rid of th bug before you cook it with the veggies it probably wouldnt be as gross.
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I read somewhere that we eat about 40 pounds of bugs every year. I found a few moths in my rye flour, but I still made bread with it, and nobody noticed.
I've got to say that I've never found a bug in my frozen veggies before.  You can always take a pic and send it to the food company.  It may or may not help, but they might give you a refund, or a coupon or something.
Once when I was out a restaurant, I found a moth- a LIVE one- in my salad, just flapping his wings trying to get out.  When we called the manager over, he just said "it happens" and didn't even take any money off our bill. 

Sorry, the caterpiller just reminded me of that. Gag!!  (no offense to anyone of course who eats and likes bugs)
I think I'm in the "it happens" camp for the most part. The point about bugs suggesting the food isn't coated in pesticides is right on.

Spiders and roaches are the exception to the rule. Just couldn't continue after finding those critters in the food.
Was it the same brand both times?  Maybe try a different brand?

I actually buy "certified kosher" frozen cauliflower - since bugs aren't kosher, they've been checked & cleaned or something - but they are kinda pricey!

(I do check cauliflower myself too, & soak it in salty - or soapy but I'm afraid of the soap - warm water, which is supposed to loosen the bugs & make them float to the top.)
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