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what should a 14 year old girl eat daily?

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I think i'm eating too much. Here is an example of what I might eat:

Breakfast: 2 slices whole grain french toast with a little bit of honey on the side, 1 cup orange juice, 1 banana, 1/2 cup low fat yogurt.

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup milk, 2 slices of whole wheat toast, an apple.

Snack: either carrot sticks, graham crackers, some kind of fruit, sometimes ice cream, almonds.

Supper: 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup grilled veggies, a serving of grilled chicken (1/2 cup)

I know I eat pretty healthy but calories are still calories. Am I eating too much. I thought i'd ask before I start cutting down. I dont excercise too much over the summer because its so hot where I am but I'm in cheerleading somethimes 3 times a week for 1.5 hours. Then for half of my school year I take gym. Well anyway, tell me what you think. What do you eat on a daily basis. Even if you dont want to post what you eat for every meal like I did you can still post something. Give me some ideas:)
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this is what I might eat on a daily basis, and I make my own french toast with 2 eggs:) its homemade.
Wow that sounds really good!
That sounds pretty balanced! I would stick with it.
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You're 14 years old. You could and probably need to eat more than that.
no thats better than me. you have more calories at breafast and less in the evening which is good for yuor metabolsim so you burn fat faster? i think..
At the age of 14, nutrition comes before calories. You eat healthy, you eat healthy portions, and you eat a balanced diet. Unless you are overweight (with that diet, I doubt you are) then I'd stick with what you're doing.

Dieting now could screw up your metabolism later. Just lay back and enjoy your metabolism while you can. :D
just listen to your body and eat whenever you're hungry and just make healthy choices most of the time, which it seems like you're already doing
that seems pretty healthy to me but try swapping french bread with a healthier kind, like nimble or whole meal or something. and try to eat around 2 slices a day. 4 slices of bread is a bit much i think.

anyway yeah i've seen worse diets than that by far., well done!

At your age, you really don't need to worry about the amount of calories you are consuming.
You are still growing and need as much fuel as you can get to aid in replenishing what energy your body is already doing.
In addition, if you are exercising (cheerleading) you definitely need to make sure you are getting enough food.

The tools on CC are geared towards adults.
I would recommend using this calculator, designed specifically for your age range, to find out the minimum amount of calories you need a day.

Your french toast sounds decadent!

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That sounds fantastic! I had a revelation today. I woke up knowing exactly what I was going to eat, and about how many calories were in it, and how many spare calories I have. I always plan for spares just in case. Well anywho. I had two cups of jello which is 40 calories, but I found out later that my mom mixed it with whipped cream, and I freaked out, and purged. Mainly because I felt sick, but also because of those horrible extra calories. Then I realized...what am I doing? What have I become? I planned ahead just in case this would happen, and when it does I flip out and purge? No way! That is NOT me! I'm trying to build muscle mass, and therefore need more calories anyway! Then I went for a walk to sooth myself, and I told myself that I don't care about calories anymore. As long as it's healthy, I enjoy what I eat, I get a treat every so often (I'm not actually big on junk though. I like fruit a hell of a lot though) and I exercise as much as I see fit then I have nothing to worry about. I just turned 16, and I'm not going to start my sixteenth year of living in misery, and embarassment from having a dissorder. I'm going to log everything I eat the day after so I know how my previous day went. If I gain weight I'm going to assume it's muscle until proven otherwise, and if I do gain a large amount of weight I know how to lose it in a healthful way. I just wanted to share I suppose. I think you are well on your way to having healthy habits, and I'm glad we now have that in common.
You say in your profile that you could stand to gain a few pounds.  Why then, are you obsessing over jello?  I suggest you stop counting calories altogether and base your diet on a healthy food pyramid, balanced among all the food groups.

At your age you could do yourself some real, lasting damage, especially to your bones, reproductive organs and heart.

Please reconsider what you are doing.

Also, I need to point out that it is against CC posting guidelines to encourage unhealthy habits.  We are happy to have you participate, but cannot support you if you undereat.

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I know its too late to find this girl, but that is NOT enough to sustain even sedentary activities for a teenage girl, let alone a cheerleader.  IF any other girls are reading this, don't fool yourself.  Obsessing about calories soon leads to seeking out "ok's" from anonymous readers and that's all part of the overall obsession with food/eating/calories/body image/.  That will soon lead to loss of menstrual cycle, bone loss, digestive disorders, hormone loss, possible infertility, liver damage, hair loss, and much more.  Girls, if you're reading this looking for an 'ok' to what you're eating, get off the computer and see a reputable nutrionist, best if its at a children's hospital.  What a 14 yr old girl needs is NOT the same as what a 21 yr old girl needs,

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