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Odwalla/Naked/Bolthouse Farms JUICES/SMOOTHIES

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I have just recently discovered the deliciousness of certain smoothie/juice drinks at my local grocery store, and I'm currently drinking Odwalla Pomagrand juice! I bought the 2 Qt size of it because I KNOW i'll drink it all!!!!

I also LOVELOVLEOVLE Naked juices, especially the Black and Blueberry Rush one.

Bolthouse Farms : LOVE the mocha one. Yumyum, PROTEIN!

Do any of you guys drink these? If so, which ones do you recommend? (I wanna try all of them, but they're I value you guys' opinion in choosing the BEST one!)

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my favorites are: odwalla soy chai and mango tango

I'm a fan of the mango Naked juice. It reminds me of that pink medicine I used to get when I had an ear infection as a kid. mmmmmmm love it!

Look out for new starbucks drinks that include Naked juice... coming soon!

and the protein Naked drink is pretty good too :)

i lovvve those juices and smoothies, i just wish they weren't so calorie loaded!

i usually go for the monster C when i think i'm getting sick!


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