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Oatmeal junkies look no further!!!

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Try one of these topping ideas for your next bowl of oatmeal:

  • Raisins and brown sugar
  • Low-fat granola and skim milk
  • Currants and golden raisins
  • Raspberry nonfat yogurt and dried cranberries
  • Apricot fruit spread and sliced almonds
  • Sliced strawberries and plain nonfat yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Maple flavored pancake syrup and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds
  • Canned crushed pineapple, sliced bananas, and chopped nuts
  • Strawberry nonfat yogurt and sliced kiwi
  • Sliced bananas and vanilla nonfat yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Reduced fat peanut butter and strawberry fruit spread
  • Chopped dates, raisins, and walnuts
  • Coarsely chopped canned peaches and ground ginger
  • Diced dried apricots and honey
  • Apple butter and raisins
  • Blueberry fruit spread and vanilla or plain nonfat yogurt
  • Orange marmalade and dried cranberries
  • Coarsely chopped apple and brown sugar
  • Reduced fat caramel topping and a sprinkle of chopped pecans
  • Warm apple pie filling and skim milk
  • Honey crunch flavor wheat germ and cinnamon
  • Canned pear slices and maple flavor pancake syrup
  • Skim milk and sliced peaches
  • Mixed dried fruit
  • Cherry preserves and wheat germ
  • Diced cranberries and maple flavored pancake syrup
  • Chunky natural applesauce
  • Sliced bananas and mini-semisweet chocolate morsels
  • Blueberries and sliced strawberries sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar
  • Canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice
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stir in some peanut butter, honey, and jelly (or real berries if you have them)!

mmm i feel like such a kid

stir a little bit of condenced milk into your oatmeal and you'll be in heaven i swear!! pleez try it!
This is the best thread, thanks for all the suggestions!! :)
I've JUST recently started chopping apple and sprinkling cinnamon into it. With vanilla yogurt: perfection!!
Alright, FOR DINNER, I just made some oatmeal, put in some chicken, black beans, and salsa, and IT IS AMAZING!  My dad walked by and saw it as I walked to the other room and he was like, why do you have salsa in your oatmeal...I was like, don't be afraid to try new things! =) It's gooooood!

This is my first time trying it...I actually just didn't want to wait long enough to cook some brown rice up =P
now THAT's innovation! :P

I go to a private school that tarts at 8:00 in the morning, therefore offering breakfast.

SO... my friends and I decided to have an oatmeal party!! ( the cereal they offer at school is usually soggy stuff that's been on sale since before most of us were BORN anyway:P)

we're all bringing our favourite flavours, and a few people volunteered toppings (going to use this thread for reference maybe ;) )

P.S. I LOOOVE chocolate chips in mine!!
I noticed that this isn't on here but it was what I have been doing for a couple days and it is SOOOO good!

So I bought some tea, like a chai tea with the yummy spice taste, and made that and added my oatmeal to it instead of plain water.

And since I couldn't do without my pumpkin (!!) I added that too and it made it so full of flavor!

I think when I can pull myself away from the pumpkin I will try it with some blueberry tea and blueberries, then strawberry =)
I just love toasted pecans and almonds in my cereals!  I throw some in a skillet on med heat and let them toast up a bit before adding them.  They get so sweet and crunchy, and it gives great texture and contrast to the oats! 
None of that messing around: on its own with a little salt is the best way to go!

Saying that, I also like it made with soya milk with some fruit and fibre cereal mixed in.

Mmm ... can't beat a nice bowl of porridge, can you?
Dreamer, you sound like my mom.  She likes her oatmeal with butter and salt, and that's it. I prefer sweet oatmeal myself.  Grits, on the other hand, is another story.  Butter 'em up and salt 'em, and I'm in Heaven.
Well, since there are so many pumpkin oatmeal lovers around here, I thought I'd share my most favorite recent discovery. It may be a bit too decadent or "treat like" for many to consider on a regular basis but, trust me, if you love pumpkin oatmeal, it's worth at least trying this once.

Make your pumpkin oatmeal as usual (don't forget the pumpkin pie spice!), make sure you're in an oven-proof bowl, and sprinkle the top with mini marshmallows and put it under the broiler for a couple of minutes until golden brown. It is bliss in a bowl. You can adjust how many marshmallows you use to your taste or your available calories. And, the marshmallows add so much sweetness (yeah, I know, sugar) that you probably won't need to add any other sweetener. I could eat this every day.
my favorite way of eating oatmeal is some turbinado sugar, a tad of maple syrup, cinnamon and sliced over riped fresh peachs on top.....

dartrinton:  Ooh, I have to agree with you on the turbinado sugar on oatmeal.  I just recently bought the turbinado for the first time, and it is AWESOME sprinkled on top of hot oatmeal.  Not stirred in, just sprinkled, very important.  ;-)  A teaspoon (or 1/2 even) just adds something totally amazing for a teeny little 15 calories or less.

This list is fantastic!  I'll have to try some of these, but I have a suggestion of my own.

I add sugar free fat free coffee creamer.  Usually either french vanilla or hazelnut.  And cinammon of course.  But I like it plain (no salt) also. 

If I REALLY have a sweet tooth I may add a bit of raw/unprocessed honey (local) with some cinnamon which is delicious...


i love oatmeal!


i like it with brown sugar :)

sometimes I'll just cut up a fresh peach and eat the oatmeal uncooked with milk, its delish!  

A dash of vanilla extract with your cinnamon also brings your oatmeal to the next level.  Cardamon is another great spice for oatmeal. 

I love love love strawberry jam in my oatmeal.  And pumpkin.  Crushed pineapple is really good as well.  Bananas.  Apples.  Blueberries.  Sour cherries are wonderful.  Mango.  Pears.  Marshmallows.  Applesauce. 

What I want is the egg in oatmeal recipe.  I'm so tired of eating boiled egg whites in the AM to get in a bit of protein! 


Original Post by ratinhat88:

-Peanut butter and banana

 I had this for breakfast!  I also like apples and cinamon, or strawberries with a splash of vanilla.

I don't like the packaged ones because they are FULL of sugar, and I have to eat 2 to get my fill....

Sliced banana cooked in with the oatmeal, not added later - it makes the oatmeal sweet without having to add sugar. I also put wheatgerm in mine.


But recently I've been being good and packing food to take to school (I teach in Germany where school starts at 7:30, so breakfast when I get up at 5:45 is out of the question for me), and I wanted a variation on hot oatmeal that I could take (no microwave available). So what I do is this:

The night before, mix oats, wheatgerm, linseeds, spices (I use cinnamon and ginger), dried fruit (I use raisins and cherries) and cover in apple juice. In the morning I slice a banana and chop up half an apple and stir them in... and go to school! It's a real power breakfast, and it tastes AMAZING!

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