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I know that it says 7g of protein in one serving of oatmeal....that doesnt add the milk right? cos the milk on its own has 8g of protein...and when preparing oatmeal you ahve to add 1-1/4 cups of that makes 10g of protein, right?

so in the end its like 18g? or am i going crazy here? lol

hehe just asking cos i need to get more protein into my diet and im looking for foods that can help out



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oh yeah 17 lol sorry...awesome :) thanks for answering.

You could also add protein powder to your oatmeal. Vanilla whey tastes great with any fruit!

Nuts are also great to add. I like to add either almonds, walnuts, or pecans, crushed with half a banana or some canned pumpkin.

i have soy protein though, vanilla soy protein lol Its ok tasting, not my fave. next time ill get chocolate though, i bet its btter tasting..chocolate or strawberry :P but yeah I def will have more oatmeal, since there's a lot of reviews that say that oatmeal helps boost metabolism.



like muttlover said try adding protien powder, but use the chocolate flavour. As a treat i love making my porridge with chocolate soy milk rather than the low cal stuff. The chocolate makes the porridge extra sticky and goggy.
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