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Oatmeal! good or bad??

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ive been enjoying those instant packets of oatmeal every morning, like the apple and cinnamon, banana bread, and fruit and cream flavors, but I'm not sure if they're that great for you.. even if they are only 130 calories. what are your thoughts? is healthy?
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It is, in my opinion, medium healthy - as long as you have only one and  not every morning. Could be healthier I suppose by not eating the instant stuff, but who has time for that? :) No seriously, check out the caloric info here, you can see it's not bad for you except it has quite high sodium and some undesirable fats ....

Apples & Cinnamon
Maple & Brown Sugar

I think you can also get low sugar/low sodium and multigrain varieties which would be better.
I buy the real stuff and cook it fresh.  I use skim milk instead of water.  The flavored stuff is high in sugar and additives.  The plain oats are that just oats.  Add your own fresh fruit or stuff for taste but just plain oatmeal is very good.
Dont waste your money
they dont cealn you out as well and have fake sugar, or just uneeded in them> Sometimes extra sodiums.
They are processed too,
Anyway, much cheaper buying 1 kg rolled oats. If you need them isntant, blend them yourself. Put REAL fruit on it. Much more filling (goes from medium GI to low GI) cheaper, healthier!!
Check out my blog for some great flavours! Apple pie, cheese cake (not healthy perse. More low cal compared) banana (sooo mcuh better in the real world)
real oats are cheaper and better for you. Buy regular rolled oats and add your own sweetners and stuff. YOu can microwave the oatmeal too, so i see no point why you should settle for instant, i mean rolled oats are so quick.
I switched to Quaker Oats Old Fashioned Oats a few years ago and have never gone back.  I also microwave them and use skim milk instead of water. I like to add fruit, or some Fiber Once, or a little brown sugar, or sometimes a little Maple Grove Farms maple syrup for variety.  Blueberries and strawberries are my favorite though. Keeps me really full all morning too.
Are rolled oats the same as quick cooking oats? I have the quick cooking ones...please advise!
rolled oats= old fashioned oats

quick oats are rolled oats that are grinded up finer to cook quicker, its rumored that thier GI is affected, i personally doubt it. BUt i prefer rolled oats due to taste and texture. I dont like quaker, but ive found several good brands that have good tasting rolled oats ( bobs red mill, bear naked).

if you want the best tasting and best for you oatmeal, id opt for ground scottish oatmeal or steel cut oats.
I buy steel cut oatmeal and cook up a week's worth in my rice cooker when I'm in the mood...add frozen raspberries and non-fat milk.
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If I buy instant oatmeal, I make sure to get the lower sugar option.  I really like maple and brown sugar (reduced sugar) by Quaker
Hows the sodium? Most are ok, but always chekc
Plus they are more processed meaning not as low GI.
BUT if you like the taste, I guess its better than nothing.
Plus I'm trying to limit my fake sugars. I figure if I add my own brown sugar a) i can contorl the amount better (and just putting it ont he top the taste is more concentrated) and b. I know its real sugar.

If you think that rolled oats take longer to cook (year, instead of 1 min to sloppy mess, its 2 mins to soft but lol, i guess 'aldente' and 3 to almost sloppy, but so much better) have them pre-mreasured in a bowlbag, and when you get up pour (hot, if you can) water on them, and let them rest, while you get changed etc. When you come back (more than 5 mins) they will have soaked up some water. Add some more water, your fillings (try banana or raisins, ro apple) and micorwave, stirring. If you're still whinging, try oatbran. Its like powdered oats (but its really the husk). Its AWESOME. Less cals  (40g = 100 cals instead of 150 of oats) but soakes up more. Its soft and creamy a bit like instant (minus the milk they chuck in) and is great when you want a 100 cal snack of oatmeal with topping - 30g plus topping, fast cooking (esp if you have hot water) I just keep adding water and it just keeps soaking it up!
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