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I eat oatmeal almost every morning! I make oat bran on weekdays (in the microwave) and steel cut oats on weekends (stove top) when I have more time.

I always add: 1 tbsp ground flax seed, 1 tbsp pure maple syrup and at least 1/4 tsp cinnamon. Most days, I'll add a 1 tbsp of Bob's Red Mill powdered soy protein isolate. Other than that, I add one of the following:

pumpkin puree + raisins + a pinch of nutmeg; apple sauce; dried cranberries; 1/4 cup blueberries; 1/2 chopped-up apple; raisins alone; chopped almonds; strawberries; dried cherries; 1/2 mashed banana + 1 tsp cocoa powder, etc.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for good oatmeal additives? I'd love to try something new!
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try eating oatmeal with chocolate malt beverage i.e. ovaltine, nestle and add some sliced banana in it

That's similar to a mashed banana + cocoa powder, but without all the added ingredients of Quik, etc.
Low fat blueberry yogurt.  Contains the antioxidants of blueberries, calcium and protein.  Plus the blueberries make it sweet.  Other flavors of yogurt are good too.  Some of my favorites include strawberry, peach, strawberry-banana, and mixed berry.  For added texture and some good essential fatty acids, add pine nuts.
Yogurt... not a bad suggestion! It's funny you should mention pine nuts because I used some in a recipe last week and now I have a bunch left over! I may stick them in to my bowl soon.
My wife is Korean and we almost always have pine nuts around because they are used a lot in Korean cooking.  I like the yogurt because I grew up eating oatmeal with cream and sugar so I like my oatmeal to be creamy.  Yogurt does it in a more healthy way and the fruits give it just the right amount of sweet so that I don't need any added sugar or syrup.

I generally add cinnamon and splenda , however when i need extra calories i have found a serving of natural peanutbutter fits and tastes quite well. Honey is another option if your looking for something sweet.

I add cinnamon and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter for protein. Thats my fav breakfast... I never get sick of it!
I put butter & sugar in mine.. Not very healthy but sooooooooo good!!!

Best oatmeal add in ever:  2 heaping tablespoons canned pumpkin, 1 packet sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. MMMMM!

This also works with a mashed banana.

Here are some other ideas: asp?subcategoryid=7

I LOVE oatmeal!  In fact, for the past week, I've had it twice a day.  I keep planning on a different dinner, because I feel bad for eating it so much, but then dinner rolls around and all I feel like eating is oatmeal!  ahh!  In fact, I think I'll have oatmeal now, too.  sigh.

Anyway, I'm alllll about adding things.  My favorites:

- that powdered instant mocha mix stuff

- sugar-free syrups (I do chocolate and mint)

- frozen strawberries

- splenda and cinnamon

- banana, or apple, or pumpkin

- peanut butter

- butterscotch chips

And everything has like a TON of cinnamon, too.  I put so much cinnamon in, I should log it.  But I don't.  :-P

I like to add raisins and cinnamon, sometimes toasted walnuts too if I feel like it.

Also a dash of vanilla extract with almonds is good.

Or sugar free maple syrup and toasted walnuts.

I like crushed pineapple in mine. 

Thanks for the suggestions! I should have mentioned i don't use sweeteners but I plan on trying a few of these :)

I mix mine with natural peanut butter and chocolate whey protein.  Gives me protein, good fats and good carbs all at once, and it tastes pretty good too.

peanut butter! I Cant Believe It's Not Butter Light! (I add both of these to my oatmeal and it tastes amazing.)


I am new to this whole dieting, trying to eat healthy t hing and I never even thought of adding things like these to plain old oatmeal!  I am def. gonna have to try this tomorrow morning!  Boy I've gotta get out more!

egg whites :D

If you're using a microwave, take the oatmeal out about 1 minute before it's done and stir in an egg white really really fast. Then, put it back in the microwave. It'll fluff up your oatmeal maaajorly.. and boost the protein a couple of grams!

[You can also just add in an egg white at the end if you're not too fussy about eating raw egg whites.. which is totally safe by the way :D]


Oh, and I like adding coffee too, especially if my oatmeal comes out a little too thick. It always tastes rich and delicious!
OH and squares of dark chocolate!
and some dry cereal or almonds on top for crunch!
.. I eat a lot of oatmeal. haha

If you add coffee, do you put a scoop of instant coffee crystals or do you add liquid brewed coffee? I had been thinking about trying this before.

Liquid brewed! I add it not only for the deep flavor, but for the smoothness :D I tend to add quite a bit 'cause I actually like my oatmeal kinda liquidy[I add it after the oatmeal's cooked].

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