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what to put in oatmeal?!?!

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i've started eating oatmeal to help lower my cholesterol but i need something to spice it up. i don't use milk because i'm lactose intolerant so i use water to cook it but then... i have aspertame to sweeten it up but what else could i put in it? cinnamin, nutmeg? anything would be appreciated!!
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Chopped up fruit is good - especially apples.  Cinnamin is good too.
frozen or fresh blueberries are my fave for oatmeal

some people add a bit of peanut butter

banana would also be nice
You could also try making it with soy milk...
cinnamon or brown, did i say sugar...ohhh, go for it!
i have mine with cinnamon and honey every morning, but the options are endless

fresh or frozen fruit
brown sugar
dried fruits (raisins, craisins, dates)
jam/jelly/fruit preserves
maple syrup
peanut butter and jelly
apple sauce
caramel and pecans
canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice

your imagination and food preferences is your only limitation :-)
i either put fresh fruit, sweet n low, or sugar free jelly!  oh and sometimes i put in sugar free pancake syrup(the best of all)
thanks everyone! i saw another thread in recipies... oops. but all these sound great!
I like to add sliced bananas with a pinch of cinnamon.  I also like it sweetened with about a teaspoon of molasses or honey.
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I like to add a packet of sweetner and some wheat germ. Yum.
I put dried cranberries and slivered almonds... yummmm... also started eating steel cut oats.  I like the texture better.
wheat germ, banana, a tad of maple syrup, a few nuts
Definitely try it with non-dairy milk! I love using vanilla soy milk but there are millions of other milks you can try (hazlenut, oat, rice, etc.)

You can also try a combination of oats, raisins, oatbran, wheat germ, & some brown sugar (muesli).

I also love to use agave as the sweetener if I have it around, and I almost always mix in some wheat germ & ground flaxseed.

Toss in some berries or other fruit for antioxidents and vitamins or some nuts for more protein.

The options are endless, and I always try to throw in my 2 cents whenever people bring up oatmeal since you can pack in so much nutrition when you make it! (Plus it's delicious..)
I cook it in fat free milk to boost the protein, and add raisins or dried cranberries, or fresh fruit like chopped apples.  I sweeten it with just 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and then Splenda if I want ti sweeter.  It's just not the same without the brown sugar!
I love Bob's Red Mill brand of grains (a local Oregon company).

I prefer the old fashioned rolled oats.  Nutritionally, the slow cooking vs instant are the same, but the taste isn't!  I eat hot cereals alot and my twins eat it about 5 days a week.  I think I make about every type of hot cereal available:  oats, spelt flakes, triticale, kamut flakes and kamut coarse ground, Scottish and Irish oats and steel cut oats, 5 grain flakes, 7 grain and 8 grain and 10 grain coarse ground, teff (Wonderful grain from Ethiopia).  I've even cooked quinoa and corn meal and millet with corn meal!

I get up early, work out for an hour, get up the twins, get them breakfast, take a shower, eat breakfast and get them off to school so I don't have time for hot cereal each morning.  My trick is to cook my hot cereal the evening before when I have more time.  Then in the morning, I can heat it in the microwave.

I always use 1/2 water and 1/2 non-fat milk in my hot cereals.  I think they are much creamier that way.  I don't give my kids sugar, but they do get raisins.

A great trick is to put your brown bananas into the freezer, but don't use them for high fat banana bread.  Instead, defrost them enough to get them out of their peels, and place it into the pot of water and milk and then add the cereal when almost boiling.  The bananas are mushed up and just give a great taste and smell and sweetness to the cereals!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE adding things to oatmeal.

Before I jsut did strawberries, and cooked it in there adn topped it off with strawberries.

Then I found banana goes so well - chop is up and it mashes together.

But my new fav is dried apricots, chopped up and cooked with it. YUMMY!

Or do a combo of some.

Peaches dont work so well...

I then let it sit (to cool and absorb) and but cold skim milk on it. Just about 1/4 c or so

I also love to sprinkle wheat germ on the top. I think that helps with cholesterol.
skim milk and honey! it's yummy and sooo filling!
so many fans of oatmeal!! How cool! :D

I cook oatmeal with water too. Only recently use milk partially. I cant stand it too rich when using milk (soy or regular). Brown sugar is like a must for me, then sliver almonds for crunchiness, then as many variety fruits as I have :) Oh, cinnamon too!
i buy my oatmeal premixed. I buy the box that brings apples and cinnamon oatmeal (my favorite one), maple and brown sugar, and cinnamon spice or something. The first two flavors are very good and they're not fattening.

but when I get plain oatmeal, I add brown sugar and bananas.

but i always make it with water. its less fattening
my favourite (also cooked in water): banana, lots of cinnamon, bit of nutmeg, 1 Tbsp of raisins (for the sweetness) topped with a splash of milk. Makes it creamy enough for me. Works of course with any kind of milk. I also really like some slivered almonds thrown in there, most of the time I leave them out, though, to save some calories :(
I am a weirdo. I eat it plain, made with water and nothing added; not even salt! That is breakfast almost every morning.
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