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Too much oatmeal?

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I've always loved oatmeal but I wonder if I'm eating too much. I consume about 30-50g of oatmeal for breakfast (can't go beyond that amount or else I get acid reflux) with a bit of soymilk and Equal. It's supposed to be low GI but I get hungry 3 hours after, especially when I'm PMS-ing, and craving for another cup of oats with fruit (plum, apple or apple rings). Could you be overcarbed from consuming too much oatmeal + fruit? I'm a vegetarian/vegan. Thoughts? 

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30-50 grams of oatmeal is DEFINATELY not too much. That's a serving! As long as you're meeting your other nutritional needs, it's all good!

Mind you, be a little wary if you're sensitive to fiber! :) Some days, when I'm REALLY lazy, I'll eat three 40 gram servings in a day. *Cough* No horrid side effects for me, not even bloating or gas.

Thanks wistfultxthinking! That's definitely reassuring. I also eat 3-4 oatmeal servings everyday cause that's what I usually have for breakfast and lunch (and occasionally dinner...that gives you an idea what an oatmeal nut I am.) I get a bit gassy sometimes but that's not uncommon for vegetarians. LOL.

Do you do this every day? You should take a look into the other micronutrients that your body requires - potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. and make sure you're meeting those requirements with your various add-ins as well. Most people don't need to because they vary their diet.


It's crazy, isn't it!? I could eat oats allll day long and never get sick of them! :P

Oatmeal is healthy but if you have it 3-4 times daily I hope you still have other grains to get a variety of nutrients in. Like rice,potatoes,whole grain bread. Also if you get hungry quick though 3 hours is not that quick but anyhow you can try adding more protein and fat for more staying power.

It's supposed to be low GI but I get hungry 3 hours after-

Me too! I love love love it though. Also vegetarian. I find if I eat it in the am I am more hungry alll day. Its hard because I want it! To me its a craving and that is where I can get into trouble with eating too much-esp if I start the day out that way. Granola also effects me this way :-((

When I eat eggs/eggwhites in the am-I am much more satisfied. Last night I had my oatmeal for dinner and it was a much better day.

I was trying to be vegn for a while but found I really needed more satisfying protein-so I added eggs and dairy back into my diet and, for me, it a huge difference in my satiety and weight loss.

I credit my whole weight loss (almost 50 pounds in 6 months) to the introduction of oatmeal into my diet. Every morning I eat 30 grams of oatmeal with a banana, and I swear this has been the one reason I've had any staying power.

I love it!

Hi. Oatmeal is a good thing to love (better than icecream)  Steel cut oat meal is the least processed which will has a lower glycemic index than instant or slow cooked.  It does take longer to cook, about 45 minutes but also take longer for your body to digest, which helps regulate hunger.  The Publix I shop at sells Mc Cannes.  Also available in a health food stores, but usually costs more.  Hope this helps.

I was eating oatmeal every day for a while, and I also got hungry not long after eating it.  I think it's because it doesn't have much protein.  What worked for me was to add a teaspoon of peanut butter.  The added protein gave it more "staying" power.

yum-I eat it with Peanut Butter too and a cut up apple and cinnamon. Its awesome but still makes me have more cravings for it and more hungry than eggs:(

I would like to try the steel cut but I don't have 45 minutes in the am. I do use the kind you coo though-not instant.

I have been eating tons of oatmeal in the past few days and have lost 3 pounds in 5 days!  Oatmeal is awesome and keeps me full for how little calories it has for one bowl.  I add a TON of water and let it cook longer so that it feels more filling.

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