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Nutrition facts of kiwi...with skin

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Ok, I realize that I'm a bit weird in that I eat kiwis with the skin on (I like the tartness that it adds).  I've been looking online for the nutrition facts of a kiwi with the skin and I just can't find it.  Can someone help me out here?

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Kiwis contain 49 cals per 100g with 1.9g fibre.  If you eat the skin you're getting a little more fibre.

Hey -- I eat the skins also (and yes, people look at me weird...).  The calorie and fiber difference is not really going to make much of a difference in the long run

Well, I figure that the skin has a lot of fiber (relative to the rest of the fruit).  I'd like to know exactly how much though because, in an attempt to get my protein ratio up, I substituted my normal lunch of a bag of vegetables for a can of tuna, which has consequently lowered my fiber intake.  I'm trying to find that perfect balance...

I eat kiwi skin too!!!! I find I can pack it in my lunch like an apple and you don't have to fiddle with cutting it up before eating it! People look at me weird at the office...

I actually found this on a Kiwi producers website years ago when I was curious if eating kiwi skin was bad for you. :) But I can't seem to find the website anymore. I do remember that it increases your fibre (it might be double?) and also increases vitamin C intake.

I'll keep looking because now I'm curious!


I found a website: not sure on it's reliability though! Can You Eat the Skin of  Kiwi Fruit? says:

There have not been many studies done on the nutritional content of the kiwifruit skin since most consumers are not brave enough to try it. But one study does show that the skin triples your fiber intake, which is already high in the flesh alone (20% DV per serving - a serving is two kiwifruit). Of course, there is loss of Vitamin C when peeling the skin since most of your vitamins are generally right inside the skin. 


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