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What about "NoSalt"?

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I found this low sodium substitute called "NoSalt." And I was wondering if anyone else uses it or if it is OK or even healthy or safe?

It seems great tastes like salt, yet per 100 grams of the stuff has only 3 mg sodium!

I was using it in baking whenever the recipe called for salt. I don't generally salt my foods, only corn on the cob or popcorn.

But it sure does cut the sodium in my recipes!

And if it is OK I hope this helps others out that really like salt...then they could try it and see if they like it as much as I do...

What does everyone think?
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I found this very funny article about how it is radioactive! :)

I couldn't find anything about and negative side effects (that were credible) anywhere.

Sounds like a neat product. I have a butter problem myself. I found this stuff called butter buds that works well for me. I am a huge fan of salt, plus I enjoy soda, so this NoSalt could work for me. Thanks for posting.
I've been using something similar for years. I think it's Morton's low-sodium salt, or something like that. About 3 mg of sodium.  I've never heard anything bad about it, and have never noticed any negative side effects- only good, from reducing my overall sodium intake.
My cardiologist says that the salt substitutes are potassium, so to be careful with them, especially since I take a potassium supplement with my diuretics. 

I use Morton's Lite Salt, which is half salt substitute and half table salt, and I measure it rather than sprinkling from the shaker.
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Thanks for the info everyone! :)

I plan to continue to use my NoSalt in cooking and baking since usually I only use a tsp or so per recipe. I don't usually salt my foods. Like I said just would use it on corn on the cob and popcorn and I don't have those items very often.
There are lots of compounds that fall under the name "salt" and (and taste like salt) besides just sodium chloride.  I'm guessing they use a different one?  Do you know which?

Some are harmless, some are definitely not good for you.
I just bought the Morton's salt substitute last week!  It has zero sodium for 1/4 tsp.  I don't take diuretics so do I not need to worry about the potassium?  I don't add salt to foods when I cook and I buy low sodium stuff because before my sodium intake was 2 - 5 times what is should be.  I only use this substitue on my air popped pocorn instead of getting the bagged stuff.  My sodium intake has now dropped considerably and I'm loving it!!!

I also enjoy the Mrs Dash's orignal sprinkled on Green Beans.  I want to try her marinade some day.
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