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New Subway Flatbread Sandwiches

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Hey All! I want to try one of the new chicken florentine flatbread sandwiches for dinner... but the website isn't updated yet with the nutrition facts!

Has anyone had one of these yet, and figured out the nutrition facts?


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Its on the PDF file located HERE.  You can find that on the site by clicking Menu/ Nutrtion tab andthen clicking "Printer-Friendly Nutrition Info" below.

The breads are listed starting at the bottom of page 3 with flat bread listed at the top of page 4.

If your getting a sandwich "as is" listed at the top of the chart, remember the nution is based on a wheat roll so flatbread is an  additional 50cal plus different nutritional values.

If youre making the sandwich how you want, below the bread is listing for meats, cheese, vegs and condiments.

Havent tried them myself.
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The Chicken Florentine is about 530 calories and 22 grams of fat as is, i don't know if the included cheese of sauce.

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