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Nestea Vitao...calories?

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Hey all,

my work cafeteria started carrying this new drink - Nestea Vitao. It's an iced tea drink - white, red & green tea - and fortified with vitamins C, E & calcium. It seems to be different from their sugary iced tea drinks (lemon & raspberry, for example) & the label boasts it as "natural tea". However, there are no nutrition facts so i'm not sure if these are calorie-free like normal teas are. There is an ingredient list which consists of (in order): Filtered Water, Fruit Juices from Concentrate, Sugar/Glucose-Fructose, Natural Flavour, & Citric Acid.

Anyway, I'm hoping these are calorie-free as they make a really refreshing treat. Has anyone tried this drink & know if it IS calorie-free?? 

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I don't read German or French, but if you do, I found their website -- Maybe that will help?

The fruit juice and monosaccharides should give you a big hint that it is definately not free of calories.

The best I could find out, and this was for the Rooibos tea and Pear one which I have yet to have seen anywhere, there are about 65 cal in a can, about 15 g of that being sugar. It's a lot less than regular iced to be sure, but it's not the same as drinking a regular cup of tea nothing added.

The site I got it off of was french and gave the counts in per 100 ml (20 cal, 4.8 g sugar, <0.1 g sodium, and 44 mg of polyphénoles I'm not sure what that is in english) so that's just an estimate. Hope that helps!

I understand how annoying it is that there is no information on the can, there isn't any on the box they come in either.


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I called Coca-Cola Canada and got transferred to someone located in the United States. I have the poop scoop on Nestea Vitao. Due to it being called a Nutrition or Health Drink they are not required by law to inform people of the calories, sodium or carbs in the product. Here is the facts on the Nestea (341ml can):

Green Tea with Fuji Apple: 90 Calories, 24g of sugar, 24g of carbs, 60 g of sodium and 18.8 caffeine.

White Tea with Mandarin Orange: 90 Calories, 23g sugar, 23g of carbs and 60g of sodium and 10.9g of caffeine.

Red Tea with Acai Blueberry: 90 Calories, 25g of sugar, 25g of carbs and 60g od sodium, no caffeine (that she told me about anyways)

So they are not calorie nor caffeine free .. so for you pregnant women out there stay away .. but for people that would like a refreshing drink there are much worse products out there that you could choose!! l

Apparently the cans now display the calories.  I'm drinking a bottle of the red tea, and it doesn't.  It does say, however, that there is NO caffeine, contrary to the post above.  The link above lists the calories in each flavor and explains the lack of information on the bottles.

I'm going to suggest that those caffeine values must be in milligrams not grams.  At least, I sure hope they are!  :-)

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