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Need help counting calories with Baked Chicken

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Hello. So lately, I've been baking my chicken in the oven. These are boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs with no seasoning. Just spray a bit of pam on the baking dish. When fully cooked, I usually cut the chicken up so I can have some with my daily salads.

Every day, I cut up the chicken and pan sear it so it gets hot. How do I go about calculating calories on this? I'm a bit new to this and after living 32 years on this planet, recently began to cook for myself.


Your feedback is appreciated.

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Do you have a kitchen scale?  To get an accurate calorie count on your chicken, you'll have to weigh it.  Then just use the entry on the site for boneless, skinless chicken breast and use the weight you measured to calculate.  The Pam you use on the pan will be negligible calories, if any, but you could look that up, too.

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

yep. you learn to eyeball after awhile.
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