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I need breakfast ideas and input

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I am not a breakfast person, I just recently started eating it

yesterday I had eggbeaters with onion tomato and bell pepper (wasnt really a fan)

and a musselmans lite apple sauce

today I had

Salt free ricecake with 1tbsp of peanut butter

and a kashi bar

tomorrow Im planning

one cup hlaved strawberries mascerated in balsamic vinegar overnight

and 1-2 hardboiled eggs

and I was thinking some oatmeal, just a bit

or waiting and getting another kashi bar at around 10 (i'll be eating breakfast around 7am)


is this good? healthy? any suggestions?

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what's ur daily requirement for calories and how much do u want to be eating in a day? breakfast is the most important meal, which I'm sure you've heard. I use to not eat breakfast because I didn't think it was that serious and over time I just become desensitzed and if I ate something for breakfast I'd feel really full. Now I usually eat either oatmeal w/ skim milk, 2 scrambled eggs and toast w/ skim milk, or a peace of toast w/ butter and skim milk. I love the taste of all of these. And if none of those ideas do anything for u, eat some pancakes or maybe a breakfast sandwich. As long as you are full, you'll be less likely to binge later and it'll help give u the energy u need and increase ur metabolism in the long run. So stop being so critical with the ur breakfast cuz u seem to be EXTREMELY healthy with it and sacrificing taste. This is one of the reasons dieting don't work for people. you must start eating food u like but in reasonable portions. I hope that helped

My daily calorie goal is 1,200

and before people get on my case about it, ill explain like i do everytime I mention it, I have an ED, i am beginning recovery, I cant just go to 1,800 plus calories a day from my usual 600-800, itll send me into a spiral. I am currently needing to actively force myself to eat 1,200. So small steps.


And actually, I love strawberries, oatmeal, hardboiled eggs and kashi. So Im not really sacrificing taste.


However I dont really like pancakes (not well enough to be worth the calories in my mind anyway) or breakfast sandwiches, I also need things I can prepare ahead of time as Im often rushed in the morning

I am on 1200 calories as well and I eat 3 heaped tbsps of oats (dry) mixed with plain yoghurt and some fruit on the top (banana, strawberries, kiwi, anything to give it some taste). It is around 250 - 300 kcal and I love it. Easy to prepare, tasty, nutritious and it fills me up until lunch. But everybody is different! Myself, I try to avoid all bars and cereals, because I consider it junk food (once upon a time it is fine but long term.. it usually contains a lot of sugar and some people can get addicted to it :-)

Have a great day

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The important thing is to get the calories in you - don't worry too much about what foods are classified as "breakfast" food.  Eat what you enjoy eating.  Sometimes I have a sandwich for breakfast, or leftovers from dinner the night before.

Im recovering too.

I enjoy:

- 2 slices of reduced calorie bread, one whole egg and one white.

- 4 egg whites, cheese triangles

- Serving of cereal with yogurt poured over it

- Oatmeal

- Fruit salad

Hows recovery going?

Hey OP, Think I'm Kind Of In The Same Boat As You - Just Starting To Increase My Calories Slowly But Surely! The Only Thing Is That I LOVE Breakfast - My Absolute Favourite Meal! Normally I Go For:

 Porridge (Oatmeal) Made With Milk Topped With A Banana And A Dash Of Honey OR With Peanut Butter, That's Normally Around 300 Cals

Today Tho I Made This Delicious Breakfast For Also About 300 Cals -

30g Porridge Oats, Heat Them In A Dry Saucepan To Toast Them. Then Add A Teaspoon Of Honey And Top With Some Berries, Nuts And Yoghurt :) Absolutely Heaven In A Bowl! It Also Means That You Can Play Around With The Recipe Depending On What You Have In The Cupboard - Different Fruits And Nuts And Stuff - So You Can Have Something A Little Bit Different Each Day

Best Of Luck With Recovery, I'm Right There With You!


congrats on your recovery.

my breakfast is 250 to 300 cals (i am on 1200 cals for weight loss) and some things i find delicious:

yogurt with seasonal fruit. or yogurt and banana

oatmeal (not very often)

(crisp) bread and cheese

eggs with condiments such as horseradish and crispbread

cottage cheese, sometimes with fruit, sometimes with crispbread

milk rice

In all honesty not well

I ate just over 800 the day before yesterday and when I ate a little over 1,200 yesterday I felt awful

I just had 2 eggs

1 cup strawberries w/ balsamic

3 prunes

and 8oz of skim milk and Im thuroughly stuffed, almost uncomfortably so


I am going to bring a serving size of bite size original shredded wheat to the office and snack on that until lunch

What I do for a quick, filling, and healthy breakfast is to make a weeks worth of steel cut oats ( 93157.html) on Sunday evening. I've never been a fan of rolled oats (the standard flat flake oatmeal that cooks up into mush), but these are delicious, have a great texture, and reheat well. While my hubby adds a little brown sugar to his, I find all it needs is a little salt and pepper. Use to add a tablespoon of butter (or like product), but didn't have any one day and found I didn't need it!


Personally I find I also NEED some protein in the morning, so I also have a half serving of whatever is in the fridge. Oh, and I generally have a piece of fruit. But I really think the oats (remember STEEL CUT oats) are the bomb!


Another good thing about them is they are CHEAP! Well, if you have a store that has them in the bulk section that is. There are several brand names out there that will make you pay out the nose when there is NO reason for it. I pay about $1.20 per pound and have found that 1.5 pounds makes 8 servings, so that's about .23 per serving.

About steel cut oats again, I forgot to mention that they are NOT difficult to prepare either.

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