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Naked *juice*

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I have been drinking naked juice based on the advice on my personal trainer. I, actually, feel it is high carbs and cals.

is it good for someone wants to lose weight?the bottle has 2 servings 170 cals and 40 cals per serving  I do go to the gym for about 40-60 minutes.

Let me know if any one has tried it. I am losing weight but slowly.
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There is no way there is a drink called naked juice.. are you serious? LOL
So.. what is it? 100% juice?
From concentrate or fresh-squeezed?
yes its 100%, yes it is fresh, and all the sugar from it is natural.  It has a ton of servings of fruit in it.. I believe your whole days if I remember correctly.  So heck, I say go for it!  If it can fit in your calories.  I love the stuff, but it doesn't fit into mine so much.  Wish they made half sized bottles.
Hello Again

yes there is a drink called "Naked". I drink something called "green machine". :))))

It is 100% juice some bottles are 99-98% juice.

I can have 340 cals from one bottle only. I do drink before the gym. but I have doubts it is good for losing weight,actually, it gives me energy.

you can buy one bottle and drink only half of it.

yes, it fits in my calories but here is the arguement . I would like to hear your opinion.

the personal trainer told me to get 1800 cals and recommended that " naked " juice but I feel it is 1800 is too much for a 210 pound person who is trying to lose weight.

After I did up my calories to 1500-1700 I feel I am hungry if I didn't get them all. When I was getting 1200 a day, I wasn't hungry at all. I don't know what that means.
It probably means that your body was used to you eating less, but, safina, 1800 calories seems pretty reasonable for a 210 lb. person. And, assumedly, your trainer is a professional who knows what she's talking about.

My suggestion is.. try her advice. If you still lose weight on it, then it's good advice, right? :)
i always see this at the grocery store but im too weary about the millions of cals in it.

its 140 a serving. and theres two servings in the bottle, sorry but thats too much for me , for a drink anyway. yeah i know i could just take a sip but..knowing me i'd like it and drink the whole thing.

I love the stuff, I just wish it wouldn't have so much sugar in it.

I believe there's like 30grams in there...ridiculous for a small bottle!
thanks guys for your replies.

hkellick: Yes, I am losing weight but slowly. I mean my motivation is not that high these days. I can't deny I am happy because I lost weight like 20 pounds in 50 days. A month and 20 days... but still this juice has a lot of cals....

Protein bottle has 500 cals ... sometime I don't have lunch and just drink the whole bottle and it is enough for the meal.

high cals high sugar and high carbs.. I am really confused..
safina ~ the juice may be all natural but the problem is that it is in juice form and high in sugar which means 3 things...

it has had the fiber stripped out of the fruit; and fiber is beneficial for a lot of reasons primarily in that it helps move waste through the body and some forms of water soluble fiber can help to move cholesterol out of the body as well

because it has had the fiber stripped out, you don't get as much physical bulk so the drink is less satisfying

the drink is high in simple sugars/carbohydrates that digest very quickly so within a 1/2 hour you begin to feel a crash from a sugar high....  If you anchor a simple carbohydrate snack or meal with protein and some heart healthy fat, digestion takes longer and you don't get that sugar rush and crash and stay satisfied longer.

It woud be better to spend the calories on other foods that give you better nutrition, more fiber and are more satisfying... Use the juice as a treat and maybe break into 2 separate meals or snacks...

just a few thoughts...
I had that juice when I was in college.  They sell it here as well.  It's actually a pretty good product.  Unlike most juice, it's pretty much what you get from putting all the fruit in the blender and put it in the bottle.  Rather thick for my taste most of time.

Unlike most juice, it's pretty much a smoothie and we used to drink it as lunch or breakfast in college.  Check out the site, it's really not bad.
my vote is with united . . . eat the fruit instead -- you'll get the fiber and not as much sugar. 
I looked at the nutrition label on one of the naked juices.  Very trendy right now, but not for me.  Concentrated juices equals too much sugar and too many calories for a drink, in my opinion.  You get more nutrition, more fiber, and more enjoyment out of eating the fruit whole.  What will they do next?  Liquid steak in a bottle?  Get all you omega three's with new Naked Salmon!  Why drink your food?  Think of all the whole fruit you could eat for that amount of calories!  I think that would keep me going longer on one of my typical busy days.
I agree with you all.

Plaidpooka: Actually, I was given this juice because I wasn't eating enough cals and I was not hungry either. Some days, I reached 860 cals.

Now, I started to get more cals by adding more juice and fruit. I will post a sample of my diet today waiting for feedback from you and other lovely people here.

Have a great day
Naked Juice is the best you can get.  It's been around for a long time and the company really prides itself on a quality product.

As for your question - it's just calories that need to be worked into your daily allowance.  It's packed with all the nutrition of the vegetables and fruits that go into it with nothing added or taken away.
Safina, you've lost 20lbs in a month and a half, i say keep doing what you are doing. Switch up sometimes. Have the juice twice a week or 3 times a week & eat the raw fruit the other days.
To preface everything else I'm going to say - Naked Juice is good stuff.

I am currently cut for spring at 6 foot, 190 pounds.  Chest 10 inches bigger than my waist, blah blah blah.  Regularly weight train, 3x per week cardio (at least) blah blah blah.  I am also very into nutrition, including a twice annual 4 week detoxification program.   In years past I bulked all winter and cut all spring going for that eight-pack bodybuilder look.

First point - the Naked Juice superfood juices (such as green machine) are blended, not squeezed, so you still get some fiber. 

Second point - This juice is NOT from concentrate.  You get no more sugar here than you would from eating all of that fruit - and who wants to eat (or buy) all of that fresh fruit?  To go along with this, the "sugar" in Naked juice is NOT like table sugar.  It is fruit sugar.  Usually fructose, xylitol, etc - not  glucose.  Fruit sugar is MUCH lower on the glycemic index and does not  generally cause a crash becuase it does not cause the dramatic insulin spike that high-glycemic sugars generally cause. 

Third point - 20 pounds in 50 days is A LOT.  Your trainer would probably tell you that you don't want to loose more than 2 or 3 pounds per WEEK at the most!!  You want to burn fat but you don't want your body to metabolize your muscles. 

I haven't seen you and I don't know your body composition, but 1800 calories is not a lot.  When I want to gain moderate weight in lean muscle, I eat close to 4000 calories per day.  When I cut, 1800 to 2200 is right on the money.  Who is 6 feet tall and used to weigh 230 does not have a small frame either.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather be shaped like a yield sign than the post that is holding it up! 

Nevertheless, it sounds like your trainer has you on a great path and you should keep up the awesome work!
One other thing to those who are confused by the "low carbs" buzz talk. 

I had a bodybuilding friend tell me one that he has "never met a carbohydrate he didn't like." 

I don't completely condone such a statement, but there is some truth to it.  Your muscles eat carbs.   If you muscles don't eat, your body will eat them.  Sure - lots of people lost weight on a diet named after a certain doctor whose name rhymes with "fad-kins" but when you consume nothing but fat and protein, your body will eat your lean muscles before it eats fat - leaving you with weight loss that turned your body into a muscle-less bag of fat before you started loosing the weight you wanted to loose in the first place. my soap box now...
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I drink the "Blue Machine" Naked Juice. It has 8 grams (31% RDA) of fiber per serving, 7 of which is soluble fiber. It's the highest fiber content I have found in any of their drinks. There are about 2 servings per 15.2 oz bottle, and it's all I can do to limit myself since I think it tastes sooooooo good. This flavor is very high in Niacin, Folate, B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), B-6 and B-12, not to mention C. I've tried other flavors, but this is my favorite.

It also comes in 32 oz and 64 oz bottles. I saved my 15.2 oz bottles and now buy it in the larger sizes, fill up the smaller ones, and freeze them so it's always fresh.

Even though Naked does not recommend freezing, I find it works very well. I suggest leaving enough room in the bottle to squeeze it slightly prior to capping so there is room for some expansion during the freezing process. I've never had one split, though now that I've said that, I should expect the next one I pull out of the freezer to make a liar out of me!

The containers are recycle code 7 with code 2 (HDPE and EVOH) compatibility, so you have to assess your own concern about toxic leaching from the packaging. I'm going to try to find neutral containers for future freezing.

BTW, I'm not a ringer from Naked. I'm even trying to get my local grocery stores to carry the 64 oz size since it becomes a so much better price performer.
I drink the Naked Protein shake as a replacement meal, either before or after my workout. It's a balanced meal in a bottle. It keeps me full for about 2-3 hours. If you really can't afford the calories then you should try to eat 4-6 small balanced meals (a mix of carbs, protein, fat and fiber) throughout the day that fit within your daily calorie intake. It's very important to eat even if you are trying to lose weight. Your body needs the nourishment and your workouts will improve as a result!

Women's Health magazine had an article about replacement meals in the July/August 2007 issue. They also have a slideshow about it online:,6176,s1-11-67-1776-1,00.html

They seem to be right on target with their reviews on the bars and shakes they recommend.

Good luck on reaching your target weight!

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