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Muscle Milk Light?

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Hi, I'm 14 years old, 5ft. 5, and weigh 110. I work out about 8-10 hours a week. I won't eat any junk food, anything sweet, or anything high in calories. I basically just stick to vegetables, grilled chicken, fruit, and cereal. I don't eat carbs because I don't want to gain weight. Someone said that i'm not consuming enough calories and carbs for the amt. of exercise I do. They suggested I try protein shakes.
I got Muscle Milk Light. I don't want to bulk up and gain weight though from it and I don't know it it will do that to me. If someone could help me on this subject I would really appreciate it.

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you need carbs. you don't gain weight from eating carbs. you gain weight by  regularly having a surplus of calories. i suggest trying to get all of your macro nutrients from actual foods and not supplements.  how many calories do you consume compared to how many you burn?

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I eat about 1400-1500 normally. I burn about 400-700 calories just from practice.
Muscle Milk is not for someone who doesn't want to bulk up... Plus it has carbs and a higher amount of fat than other Protein Powders. You need to get 100% Whey Protein or 100% Casein (Muscle milk has casein but isn't pure casein). These are pure protein with no carbs and very low amount, if none at all, amounts of fat. They are lower calorie but you can take 2 servings to get the same amount as MM.

Also you can gain weight from eating too many carbs. Carbs are stored as fat more so than healthy fats. Sugar filled carbs can also cause an insulin spike that can cause fat storage and decrease in burning of stored fat.

> I work out about 8-10 hours a week.

Whaaaaaat.  An hour three times a week is the max a normal person needs to do.  Certainly the max a teenager should do.

What are you doing for 8 hours?  What are you trying to accomplish (if not gain muscle size?)

PS: carbs alone don't give you muscle.  same for protein actually, if you think about it that way.  Only the combination of hard work, protein in a good diet with lots of whole grain calories, 8 hours of sleep every night, and plenty of time off will give you muscle.


it's called sports practice. any athlete who works out with a high school or college team will be doing at LEAST 8 hours a week. i'm sure the OP is part of one of those teams that works out a lot. 


sorry to break it to ya, but everything has carbs. they're not bad, it's just a fact of life. and from experience, it's waaaay better to gain weight by eating a surplus of calories than to use a protein supplement. you probably do need a lot more calories than you are eating just to maintain your weight.

best of luck!!!

Sorry, "work out" to me means "lift weights"! :)

You didn't say whether you were female or male, but in either case, it doesn't sound like you're even eating enough.

The company that makes "Muscle Milk" also makes a product called "EvoPro."  It's absolutely delicious.  Has 140 calories per scoop, as only 3g of fat, only 2g of carbs and a whopping 26g of protein.  It's good and it's not meant to add bulk as a lot of other protein powders do.  I incorporate it as part of my daily diet, whether it's a weight training day or not.

Good luck!


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I'm a female. sry not to mention that.

I am a power tumbler. I tumble an hour on wednesdays, thursdays, and tuesdays. 2 hours on monday. 3 hours on sundays and sometimes 3 hours on saturday too. I also do a lot of ab work and lower body resistance exercise.

I think I may try something 100% whey protein. thanks for the help!

I drink Muscle Milk lose weight.  It's only 195 calories per 2 scoops.   You need protein to build muscle so you can metabolize more efficiently.

In that case you can definitely buff your protein intake, such as with optimum nutrition 100% whey (flavored artificially) or the natural version (flavored with stevia). Whey will give you a boost of amino acids in your blood starting from about 30 minutes after you drink it, to an hour or two later. Casein protein (cows milk is mostly casein) takes longer to digest because it is thicker, so people use that if they want amino acids trickling into their blood rather than streaming in. You can digest about 40g of protein every 2 hours.

Also note that energy is energy, and as a general rule, it is excess energy that makes you fat, regardless of where it comes from.  So don't fear carbohydrates.

Athletes like to eat whole grain carbohydrates.  Around 55% of your calories should be from carbs, and as many of those as possible should be whole grains.  One thing people do is mix a scoop of protein shake with a scoop of quick oats, shake it up, and drink it.  That provides a proper distribution of protein + carbs.

I don't think most people realize that Muscle Milk light is just a gimmick really and is the same as muscle milk. MML has almost 100% exactly the same values as what you would have if you only took 1/2 a serving of regular MM. It isn't any better for weight loss, they just make you think that by letting you take half a serving of plain MM, slap some cool and eye grabbing words on the front, and jack up the price.

Actually I wouldn't recommend taking in more than 40% carbs as an average... 55% is kind of way too much to take in every day unless you are trying to bulk up or are running marathons. Only take high amounts of carbs on days you need the extra energy (Which I would save them for the days you do tumbling 3 hours) for no more than 3 days a week and keep the other days a moderate to low intake of carbs, centering the diet around protein.

It's not all about excess energy. Carbs can cause huge insulin spikes which effect fat burn and fat storage.

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I tried the low carb thing and just felt like crap all the time.  So, after trying a number of fad diets, I decided to see a nutritionist.  

They told me to keep at the ratio fat<=protein<=carbs with getting at least 75 grams as protein (daily) while making sure to eat this ratio of fat/protein/carb at every meal (dividing the day into 7-8 small meals).  

They also said to try to get my carbs from simple sugars like fruit.  Protein from broths, milk, eggs, meat, and gelatin.  And fat from things like butter and coconut oil.

It's actually been proven that simple sugars like fructose will keep your blood sugar stable where as "complex carbohydrates" will cause you to crash after 2 hours.  With fruits, your blood sugar will stabilize.

My average day is about 40 grams fat, 90 grams protein, 160 grams carbs, totaling to an average of around 1500-1600 calories.

I'm female, age 27, 5'8, and now weigh between 120-125.  I work out 6 days a week (walking with some running).  I'm more active, more alert, and happier than I've ever been in my life.  

Any way, it took me years to find a way of eating that made me feel this good, so I thought I'd share.

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Muscle Milk Light will work fine for you. Muscle Milk Light is about half the calories or regular muscle milk with slightly less protein as well.

I talk to women on a daily basis who want to lose weight or just tone muscles and gain strength.

Muscle Milk light is a great way to get added protein and a lot of women do one scoop instead of two and then you just change the amount of water or milk you use to mix it with for the desired taste and consistency.

Also a lot of people worry about calories too much especially being an athlete eating well and not really eating junk food, your not going to take in that many calories compared to the amount your going to burn.

As far as fat the great thing about muscle milk or muscle milk light is that most of the fat content comes from MCT"s which are designed to be easily digested, so its like your taking in less fat than you actually are because its easier and faster for your body to process.

Also evo pro is great product if your worried about a low carb diet, which you shouldn't be.


By the way someone was saying that muscle milk costs to much, then you should shop around. I buy my supplements from Fuel 4 Life they are one of the cheapest around and you can buy the same products you would at gnc, vitamin shoppe, nutrishop or any other retailer, but for a lot cheaper.

Muscle Milk light is a great way to get added protein and a lot of women do one scoop instead of two and then you just change the amount of water or milk you use to mix it with for the desired taste and consistency.



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