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Moving to America - excited about food!

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Well my partner recently got a job offer in San Francisco, so we are packing up from Australia and heading over to the states :)

As well as the excitement from obviously being able to travel etc, I am sooo excited about all the 'fat free' foods in America - it sounds like you guys have such a wonderful range. 100 cal packs and fat free ice creams etc! We don't have a great deal of range of fat free items in Australia/New Zealand so I'm REALLY looking forward to it :)

~sigh~ I love food!



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We really do have great food, especially here in the Bay Area. But I wouldn't include 100 calorie packs and fat free ice cream in the food category...

America is a land of the 'half-ton Mom' just as much as it is the '100 calorie pack'.  Fat-free foods don't make anyone slimmer all by themselves.... just saying.

I have friends and relatives who live in San Francisco.  One of them lives "downtown" and is within walking distant of dozens of good places to eat.  Alas, too good.  One must follow moderation in all things, I have found on my visits to SF.  There is such a wide range of eating places from dim sum to Brazilian beef to Thai noodles to Korean ribs. 

A plus side to SF is there is one heck of a lot of steep streets to walk up; and hikers, walkers, and bikers are very prevalent, so I came to the conclusion that despite all the good eating places, people in SF seemed more fit than in most cities I have been in.

Word of warning:  America is the land of the buffet--meaning, that  many of us Americans tend to eat more than we need on a regular basis.

obviously I don't just eat fat-free foods to rely on weight loss. I eat a healthy range of carbs, protein, good fats etc - and I run 4 miles every day. sometimes it's just nice to have a fat-free option for guiltless treats once in awhile, and i'm excited about the range I will now have.

"Just saying." :)


Original Post by retrovert:

obviously I don't just eat fat-free foods to rely on weight loss. I eat a healthy range of carbs, protein, good fats etc - and I run 4 miles every day. sometimes it's just nice to have a fat-free option for guiltless treats once in awhile, and i'm excited about the range I will now have.

"Just saying." :)

Good points!  America in general and San Francisco specifically have many healthy, low-calorie, organic, whole foods from which to choose.  There definitly will be plenty of fat-free and no-sugar options. I spent one 6 day period sampling too many cheeses, wines, stouts, seafood, ethnic restaurants, nuts, chocolates, ice cream etc.  On the other hand, I did walk across and back on The Golden Gate Bridge and did a lot of walking in parks and around Twin Peaks.  So I burned off a lot of the calories.

Welcome to the good 'ol USA!  I hope that everything will work out great for you.  I can't imagine moving out of my home country.  Very exciting!  I've always wanted to visit Australia!

Best of luck to you.  Keep us posted here.

I don't know the situation in Australia, but in America High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is used in place of sugar in a lot of products.  Subsidies to corn farmers along with limits on importing sugar just ends up making it a very cheap sweetener.  However, HFCS is very bad on the glycemic index - it will spike your blood sugar and make you hungry.  So please be careful when you come over. 


P.S. I love Breyers Natural Ice Cream - no HFCS and 1/2 cup of strawberry is only 120 calories.

Do you know where you'll be living near San Francisco?  In the city itself, or one of the suburbs?

I worked in the city, and live in Marin, so I have a million suggestions for awesome healthy restaurants (and a few not so healthy, but also must-eats).

I'll tell ya, San Francisco is THE place for variety.  Whenever I go anywhere else, I sorely miss the diversity.

Make sure you pack LOTS of warm clothes!!

Nooooooo why move here!! I want to move to Australia man

I live in Canada and I love to visit my sister in America because they DO have more choices in food. They have many foods that I have never seen here. The grocery store is way bigger and has a bigger selection than they do here. When I visit I love to spend time browsing the grocery store looking for unique things we don't have here. I also find the food is cheaper than here.

Of course, that being said, I also always take food to my sister's because there are things that we have here that they just can't get there (or is really expensive and only available in specialty shops) like her favourite kind of tea and Cadbury chocolate.


I'm always suspicious of fat free products. Dairy products especially, because fat is a natural component of them. Fat free cheese? What do they replace the fat with? I'd rather spend a few more calories on real cheese than eat this processed stuff, but that's just me.

You are right about the variety, though. I have family in the States, so whenever I visit them I just love to stroll through the supermarket and try new things. My aunt is the opposite - she thinks that we have much better food here in Germany than they do in the US. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :)

Sorry but alot of people actually gain weight when they move to America tbh... I know alot of foreign exchange students with this problem, lol...

How exciting! And SF of all places! I'm quite jealous! I used to live near there and let me tell you, the food variety is fantastic! There are lots of ethnic restaurants and districts like Chinatown, Little Italy, and tons of Indian places scattered about the Bay. SF is big on health, has excellent parks, and is just a really lively and fun city! 


As far as food, you will find tons of farmer's markets that I would advise you to take advantage of as opposed to the fat free fare here. I know you've already gotten your fair share of criticism about ff, but truly we've debunked the fact that fat makes us fat, but all these fat-free products loaded with sugar as a replacement are still on the market. Nutritionally, they aren't worth it. It sounds like you are already quite healthy so I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here and be healthful!

Food is an excellent thing to get so excited over, haha! Laughing I get so excited when I know we're going out to eat :P

im from canada and whenever we go to the USA we always marvel at all the "weird foods" they have... such as:

"american cheese"  - not really cheese! processed wobbly weird salt stuff that is a strange shade of pastel orange

"spray cheese" aerosol cans of cheese?  uh, what?

i haven't been there in a while but i don't really find their food to be 'in good taste' sometimes :P

Canada's food laws are stricter than the USA so we don't allow a lot of these dubious and highly processed items. :)

I'm American, but went to school in the UK.  Let me tell you guys, be thankful you're here (I'm so happy to be back)!  Things that were staples to me in the US were so hard to find (whole wheat tortillas, turkey bacon, decent peanut butter).  The 100 cal packs are super convenient too for a small treat and I live for the slow churned ice creams. 




PS.  I'm moving to the Bay area in June myself (moving from New York).  I'm soooo excited for the mexican and chinese food out there.

American Food = Fast food. That being said Bay Area has a great variety of restaurants and cuisines, just watch the portions. They are Americanized.


I am a New Zealander, and personally if I were moving to the States the part I'd be least looking forward to would be the food.

Good luck.

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