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Movie Theatre Food- Diet Disaster? PLEASE HELP!

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Hey so I recently went to the movies and got a large buttered popcorn, and a box of candy. I shared the popcorn with my friend, and we didn't even come CLOSE to finishing it, we just got the big size because it was the best value. After the movie, my stomavh hurt and i actually realized how much i just ate. All the fat, calories, and carbs- it felt deisgutsting. So I was wondering: since im going to the theatre again soon, are there any healthy food or alternatives at the movie food court? Like what is the healthiest candy? and should i skip the popcorn?


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I'm pretty sure healthy candy is an oxymoron when it comes to the movie theatres. Why do you have to eat while you watch the movie? The stuff there is overpriced and gross. If you really want to eat grab something and bring it in from home. My friends and I used to go to the health food store to the bulk bins and grab some trail mix or little candies to bring in our purses. 

I always pop to the supermarket on the way and grab a big bag of popcorn for about £1. I'm poor lol so can't afford £5 on popcorn and it fills the "hole". Plus in a whole bag theres 380 cals so I can personally work it in to my calories if I eat all of it, but normally share it anyway so it means I can enjoy myself, not feel deprived but stick to my cals

I usually don't get food, but if I get popcorn, I forgo the "butter."  I can't stand that grease that passes for butter anyway.  When we went to the movies last Sunday, hubby and I shared a large popcorn, but didn't finish it.  Movies are infrequent for us and when we do go, I consider it a "Free Day," where I can eat what I want, within reason of course.  Just shake it off and move on.  We all need to splurge once in a while.

I've basically cut out all soda, including diet, since even the diet stuff isn't very good for you.  But I used to LOVE diet pop, so when I go to the movies that's my treat, a big tasty fountain diet coke/pepsi.  Not health food, but no calories and much less damaging than the popcorn & candy.

I'm boring - I'll typically sneak in some cut up fruits or veggies from home, and sometimes even some dark chocolate or cheese slices.

Luckily, I've never liked movie theater popcorn so it's easy for me to pass it by - if you really love it though, get the smallest size and share it with a friend, even if it isn't the best value. You're spending less overall, and won't be tempted to finish the big bag. I also second skipping the "butter" - that stuff is frightening!

 At our theater you can get a kid's pack for $5 which is a really small popcorn (probably 2 cups) with a small drink (kid's size small, not the movie theater small - probably 16-20 oz).  This will satisfy your craving for something to munch on without totaling blowing your calorie or $ budget.  :)   You talk about the value of the larger popcorn then state you didn't come close to finishing it... that's a pretty poor value if you ask me!  Why pay more for food that is going into the trash?

Sometimes they sell trail mix with the candy, although I don't know if that is any more healthy than the candy, if they add a bunch of sugar to it or something.  You'd have to look at the nutritional info.

Really, the best thing to do is to avoid the snack line and just buy or make your own healthy snacks ahead of time and sneak them into the theater inside your purse.  That way you know you are getting something that is healthy, and it's much cheaper, too.

Original Post by theholla:

I'm boring - I'll typically sneak in some cut up fruits or veggies from home, and sometimes even some dark chocolate or cheese slices.

Ditto. I usually bring a few snacky items, like cucumber slices (less noisy than carrots) and something sweet, like chocolate or a few jelly beans. that way, I don't have to resort to buying a big bag of M&Ms. Besides, movie theatre stuff is SO EXPENSIVE. $6 for a box of candy that costs $2.50 at a drugstore? No thanks!

I hate movie popcorn...  Just the smell makes me ill.

i will be the first to say then that i LOVE BUTTERED MOVIE THEATER POPCORN!!! nothing like buttery popcorn and a giant diet coke, reclining in a comfy seat and staring at an enormous screen for 2 hours. so i feel your pain.

that being said, it is horribly bad for you. my recommendation: if you dont go to the movies that often, or dont snack there too often, go ahead and buy a popcorn (smallest size despite what you think you want, unless you can fork it over to your friend and refuse to eat any more after a couple handfuls). I would also try and pass the added butter on by--i know its tough, but there you have it.

most movie candy is king-sized. you should buy your own (plus, in a grocery store candy is like 80 cents vs about 4 bucks in a theater!) normal sized bar or pack, if you just HAVE to have some candy.

also keep in mind that while diet soda isnt healthy for you, it is calorie free and will provide you with something to sip and keep you busy if you are the type that loves snacking during tv/movies, like me.

I know exactly what you mean! I love the nachos @ the movies but its loaded with carbs, fat, saturated fat, and sodium. :( Like others have posted, I now tend to go to 7-11 or supermarket and get a bottle of water or iced tea as well as a healthier alternatives, examples: special k crisp bars, homemade popcorn that i put in plastic zip lock bags, a serving or two of tostitos w/ lime, jelly beans, gummy worms, etc. I've actually seen some people bring small containers that have vegetables in it!  

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