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Does more Protein equal funny smelling urine?

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This is one of the few places I feel comfortable asking a question like this. Two things have changed in my daily events, 1. I'm eating more protein and 2.I started P90X some I'm lifting some weights (only 3 lbs right now until I can build up). But Lately I've noticed my urine smells funny, not stronger just weird. I haven't eaten any asparagus the only thing is just more protein, either a protein shake, Boca patties, shrimp, chicken breast. I've also been drinking 64 oz of water throughout the day which is normal for me. Are any of those things specifically making my urine smell funny? Has anyone else experienced this?

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What's in the P90X?

I don't know if this will help or not.  But make sure you don't have some indication of a serious medical condition. odor/causes.htm

@ Moonikins nothing is in the P90X LOL I'm not taking any supplements or anything.

Thanks shane_Paladin I'll look into that.

P90X is the fitness program in this instance.

I would make an appointment with the doctor.  If you feel healthy other than the urine smell, then you could try stopping the protein shakes and see if it changes in a couple of days.

Mar 23 2010 19:10
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Increasing your protein intake can make your urine smell more urine-y... also as you are working out harder you are breaking down muscle which loads up your urine with nitrogen (a component of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein...i.e. muscle)


When you say funny... do you mean pee smelling or like something else? 

If the condition lasts longer than a few days I would look at cutting back on the protein shakes as suggested earlier and if it still continues go to a doctor... but mostly likely it is your body expelling the waste of extra nitrogen and broken down muscle tissue.

You could be in ketosis?  It depends how many carbs you are also eating, how sensitive your body is, etc., but one of the symptoms is stinky pee. Some people like ketosis, others worry about it.


When I stay well hydrated I usually don't even smell my urine but for the past few days I've been able to smell it and I guess I'm not used to smelling it which is why I thought it smelled 'funny' lol.

Carbs used to make up the majority of my calories, like 75% and now they make up less than 50%

Now I'm eating more protein around 30% when before I was eating about 15% or less.

It may be your body expelling vitamin B6.  Meats/protein are sometimes high in this.

I doubt its a medical condition, though i wouldn't rule it out totally. More likely its the increase in protein and more nitrogen is being excreted from your system which is making you notice the smell. I don't think it's anything to stress about as long as you feel healthy and not ill at all in any other ways.

Thanks for the replies. Eveyrthing else is normal the only pain I feel is usually the day after my workouts lol but it's that muscle soreness, nothing deep. If anything changes I'll defintiely go to the doc's

Well, since we are on running water, I am wondering if the color of your urine has also changed at all.  A few times when I first started walking a lot in the hot weather, I was not getting enough water and my urine turned a dark orange almost.  It seems to me that it had a bit of a stronger odor, too, as I recall.  Also, one time I ate a bunch of licorice and it changed my urine color a bit; blackberries can do the same.  If the smell and the color both have changed a bit, I would suggest monitoring it-- and, if necessary--visit the doctor.  

Be sure to take a good sample ahead of time so you don't "freeze up" when called upon to pee!  LOL Just kidding, but one time when I needed to have my urine checked to see if I had a urinary tract infection, I had gone just before going to the clinic -- and then had trouble performing when I got there.  

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