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More nutritious substitute for Ramen?

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As I am eating healthier, I want to help my kids.  My daughter will have carrots and tofu added to ramen noodles. She skips the seasoning packet.  Is that ok healthwise?  Are there more whole grain type ramen?

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This is just a subsitute suggestion, if she skips the seasoning packet anyway, why dont you get some angel hair pasta (whole grain) and just make that and then she can add what she wants like she does now? No sense in paying for empty noodles and spices if you dont use the spices anyway. Might as well just get healthier noodles. haha. just a thought.

I sure was hoping for more answers.  My son will eat two pack of Ramen noodles with the seasoning pack as lunch, or when I have it as a side for dinner I have to make extra.  I have tried the whole grain pasta and he does not like it.  I think it has a little different texture.  He is 15 and still is a very texture related eater.  This is funny...when he was little and we would go out to eat he of course would order plain spagehtti with butter.  Well the resteraunts would always sprinkle with parsley.  It would take forever to eat because EVERY bite he would take he would fish the pieces of parsley out with his tounge and put them back on the side of the plate.  And yes even at three he would eat an adult plate of spagehtti.  He is very active and so at this time he is burning every calorie he is putting in his body.

If you have access to more specailty food, you can get less instant forms of ramen. Now, whether that will do the trick, I don't know. If your son is as picky as to pick the parsley flakes out of pasta (to which I say "whoa"), that it's not identical may be a deal-breaker. But if his concern is actually the texture (and not, for instance, the yummy, yummy MSG and Fat), then it should work.

I've not compared between brands, but you may be able to do better with some than others.

Honestly, there are much worse things. The real evil there is the sodium with the packets and, to a lesser extent, the fat in the noodles. Two packets for a whole meal isn't the end of the world. The trick is that it's more caloric than you might think. Once you know that, it's not unworkable.

You also might try experimenting with buckwheat or rice noodles.  Rice noodles have that same slippery quality as ramen, so that might work for a texture-picky eater.  It's still refined starch, but at least it's not as fatty as ramen.

Cellophane or "glass" noodles (made out of bean thread).
Soba noodles.


My favorite: spaghetti squash.  You bake it, cut it in half, and scrape out the insides which look like noodles but are WAY healthier.  Delicious.

I completely agree with todeinotaton on the Soba noodles. They are a little bigger than ramen.. but still the same texture and way healthier.

And the spaghetti squash is a favorite of mine as well. You can put sauce or spices on the strings and they look even more like pasta. You could pass it off to your family as pasta it just loses heat quickly so you must serve it fast!
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