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no more non-fat margarine spread. :(

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i have been using promise fat free margarine spread for a while now and just recently found out that they are discontinuing it.  now there will be no non-fat margarine spreads available to me except for i can't believe it's not butter spray which, upon doing a bit of research online, i learned is very deceptive and full of fat and calories, never mind other bad chemicals, etc. 

after some more online research, i found smart beat smart squeeze margarine which claims it also has zero fat to it and i believe i read online a nutritionist who gave it a stamp of approval after bashing the i can't believe it's not butter spray. 

unfortunately, they don't carry this spread in any stores around me- only online from this vendor called "all in kosher," and they want $$$ not only for the item, but $$$ for shipping.  i wish there was a simple recipe out there for a fat free "margarine-like" spread that i could make myself.  i am not actually trying to lose weight (need to gain some, really), but i use margarine liberally and don't want to use the fat-laden ones available to me.  any ideas?

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Eat real butter - it's a lot healthier. Especially if you are gaining, you could use the healthy, real stuff that your grandparents would recognize, not something made in a lab.

but because i eat it so liberally throughout the day, it would be unhealthy.  i really need to find a non-fat substitute.  thanks anyway.

There's so many things wrong with this post that I don't even know where to start. 

Well... What do you use this margarine on? How much do you use 'liberally'? Maybe I can think of a substitute.
Original Post by gropeforluna76:

but because i eat it so liberally throughout the day, it would be unhealthy.  i really need to find a non-fat substitute.  thanks anyway.

Real butter is going to be healthier than whatever margarine substitute you can find, regardless of the scale at which you are eating it.

Fat is a healthy part of a balanced diet, regardless of your weight goals. You are trying to gain, and you should have plenty of fat in your diet.

umm, carmenxox, what's wrong with this post?

but i get it from other sources.  i use it in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes at night for a snack (on a bagel, toast, etc.).  just asked a question- didn't mean for everyone to get offended or angry about it.  Foot in mouth

You do realize that fat free margarine is a sham.  Think about it, if you take out the fat, then what is left-water solids.  Margarine is not watery, so that can't be right.  

According to the FDA, fat=triglycerides.  Promise got around this by breaking down the triglycerides into monoglycerides and diglycerides.  These other compounds are still 9 calories per gram and still behave in the body just like fat would, except "it's not fat." You were taken for a ride.  There are more calories in the product than as advertised (or else people would have wondered where the calories were) Promise got busted-which is why this product is going off the market.  I would be wary of whatever product they replace it with as well.

FYI-fat free really just means .5 or less grams of fat per serving.  It doesn't have to be totally fat free.

I would go with hummus on toast instead.  You can make it yourself to cut down on the fat.  Or a little olive oil.  

I have not eaten any margerines in 5 years.  I'm not putting plastic in my body intentionally.    Eat real butter.

thanks for the reply.  yeah, i had my suspicions about promise fat free spread- i think i read that it even contains gelatin...gross.

unfortunately, i don't like the taste of hummus, but thanks for the suggestion. 

i guess i am wishing for something that can't and doesn't exist.  i am so hesitant about going with the i can't believe it's not butter spray, but i think that may be my compromise.  however "healthy" real butter may be, i guess it was through conditioning when i was younger, living at home (my dad had/has a heart condition and we cut all butter out of our diet as a family) that i developed this aversion to eating pure butter. 

i've been looking online for recipes for "mock" butter or something with a similar flavor but keep coming up short.  there's "butter buds," but it's pretty much only for moist, hot foods, and i use margarine on bread a lot (not moist and hot).  anyway, i was thinking about fat free cream cheese as a substitute.  i have never eaten cream cheese, so i'm not so sure i will like it. 

You might like Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges. 35 cals each, spreadable, slightly plastic-y but similar enough to cheese.

How is it even possible to have fat without calories?? seriously you are better off with butter so much better for you

For bread: peanut butter, almond butter, cream cheese (you can't know that you don't like it until you try it), apple butter, jam or jelly, smashed avocado, lemon curd, honey.

I'm with everyone else, butter is far superior to margarine and it doesn't take much to cover a piece of toast (<5g for me). Besides, if you're trying to gain then you shouldn't necessarily be worried about eating as little fat as possible.

Our grocery store carries whipped butter. It's literally butter with air whipped into it so you can use less of it but still be having the real thing. I don't usually buy it because it seems silly to spend the same amount to have air added to it but if it makes you feel better, it might be worth it.

I think I have the same aversion you are talking about to "fat free fats" instead of butter.  There is something not right about a fat free fat.  What they put in it to make it fat free is worse for you than regular ole fat.  I think some others have made the same comment. 

Try other things, try the olive oil butter by land o lakes, not necessarily better for you than butter, but easy to spread, so it goes further.  It has a great butter taste. 

Brummel and Brown make a yogurt spread, and though I have never tried it, might be better for you.  The Laughing Cow that someone mentioned is great.

I don't want to sound preachy, but losing weight means making changes in your lifestyle and giving things up.  Liberal amounts of any spread is not going to be the wisest choice.  Reducing the amount would be a good start.

Good luck

pizzagirl7, she's trying to GAIN weight, not lose it.

Also, that Brummel & Brown spread has all kinds of oils in it as well as those pesky mono and diglycerides that Smashley mentioned earlier.

Oh, I must have missed where she said she was trying to gain weight! 

Yes, never had the Brummel and Brown, but I should suspect anything like that and the margarine, and fat free substitutes are equally full of chemicals. 

Becel makes reduced fat margarine. It's 40 (??) cals per tbsp which isn't bad. I think that's what it is, haven't had it in a while. Also it's very healthy for you.

thanks for the suggestion, but it looks like that's from canada- i'm in the U.S.  also, the fat content per serving size doesn't look too favorable (2tsp vs. the typical 1tbsp. serving size of most margarines/butters).  i'm more concerned with fat content than calories.  again, thanks, though.  :)

I use the Land O Lakes light butter with Olive Oil and it's not bad. I know you say you use it liberally but have you tried cutting down instead of using a FF? I eat 1 Tbsp a day but break it up into three 1 tsp servings over my veggies and starch. If you try spacing and cutting you'll realize you don't need as much as you think and still get the taste. I get a healthy amount of fat without going overboard. Just a thought.

thanks to everyone for the suggestions/advice.  i actually found a suitable substitute so i'm all set.   :)

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