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molasses-health benefits and what does it taste like?

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Okay soo i was comparing different natural sweeteners (honey, PURE maple syrup and blackstrap molasses) nutrition-wise and blackstrap molasses seems to have far more benefits because it contains calcium and iron...

but heres my question;

i have really wanted to rid my diet of lots of refined sugar because i think im a bit sensitive to it and it makes me feel kinda crappy so i want to start using molasses as a sweetener but i heard it has a bitter aftertaste...?

is that true? is it something i could stir in oatmeal to sweeten it or is it only used in baking? also are there any other natural sweeteners w/nutritional benefits?

what does molasses taste like??

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molassas is more of a dull sweet, But, the fact is sugar is sugar,

In short order if you cut all refined sugar out you will find things have a natural sweetness of there own.

Bottom line is, your body breaks all carbs down into sugar no matter what, you can taste it in your mouth when you put a small piece of bread or simple carb in your mouth as digestion starts in the mouth.

There is an enzyme called alpha amylase that your body makes that instantly breaks things into sugars so your body can use them. when  you add sugar your body spends no time breaking it down and storing it because it knows it will use what ever else you put in too to break down slowly.

After a few days of no added sugar in your diet you will find that every day foods are quite sweet indeed.

since I cut sugars things like strawberries, apples, even asparagus taste increadably sweet on there own standing. no added sugar needed.

what has happened is you have eaten sugar all your life and your body thinks it needs the sweets, there is sugar added to just about everything because it makes it sell better. people have become so accustomed to needing it, they add it to everything too. Fact is. avoid it, and you start really tasting things again. you will find flavors that dont need to be Hidden away or covered up, the transition will only take a few days.

you nailed it right on the head when you said you eat sugar and you feel like crap...your body is screaming at you trying to tell you something very important...listen too it, your cells know whats good and whats not, if you feel bad after eating anything, for your own health and safety, dont eat it. you dont need it, you feel bad because it is bad for you.


For things that need only a light bit of sweetening try just a touch of honey, a little bit goes a very long way when you cut sugars out,  one spoon full in your oat meal will be fine, even oatmeal will taste sweet if you dont add anything too it. again, alpha amylase enzymes will break it into sugar for you. Its there, its in your mouth, you have just been ignoring it and beating it down with refined sugar. Another thing you might try is skim milk, it will make it taste more sweet, again, your body makes whats already there into sugar and you will taste it so long as you dont pollute your body with refined sugars.

BTW, Molasses is also a refined product...from sugar. just as bad.

to give an idea just what sugar does too you, in the 1780s a couple sailors survived a shipwreck and washed up on shore of a small island. some of the cargo washed up with them. Barrels of Sugar. Not having anything else to eat until they were rescued 28 days later, they ate nothing but sugar.

When they were found, they were said to be "stark raving mad" and in poor health. I can only imagine what a month of a diet of no fiber, no nutrition or vitamins would do...apparently they went crazy. they probably really felt like crap.

Listen to your body.

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