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I miss my sausage, any alternatives?

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Hey everyone! 

I havent eaten sausage in months.  I love sausage but I really don't want to eat it since I'm trying to eat healthier.  You guys have any alternatives or something healthier.  I know many people eat boca burgers or something like that to substitute hamburgers, so I figured you might know of something for sausage.

Ahh well, if I have to I'll just avoid it but I would like to have it maybe once a week.
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There are Morningstar Farms sausages, link and patty. There are chicken sausages and turkey sausages. 
thanks, ill have to check and see which is better.  do they taste the same as regular sausage or close to it?
Honestly, the veggie ones have a flavoring much like it, but it is not exact. I can tolerate them, my husband thinks they taste weird. The chicken and turkey ones are usually better.

I use the Brown N' Serve Turkey Sausages.  They are 110 calories for a serving of 3 links.  They dont taste too bad either.  They sell them in the frozen section with the regular Brown N' Serve breakfast sausages.


take ground turkey and heavily spice to taste & flavor (onion & garlic powders, chili, cayenne or blackening seasonings; italian seasonings or maple syrup, etc....
We don't have the same brands here, but I like chicken sausages, usually with herbs, as much as the regular kind.
John Morrell has these new smoked turkey sausages that are only 6 grams of fat each and 120 calories (versus 12-20 grams of fat in a regular hot dog or polish sausage).  They taste great alone or in a scramble with eggs, or in beans and rice.

I just found these! They are soooooo good and so much better for you than regular! ked/smoked-turkey-sausage.html#nutritionInfoT ab

Thank you all for your suggestions, I apprecite it.  I never thought about adding spices and things to help it taste more like sausage.  Great ideas, I'm going to try a few and see what I like best.  Thanks again! 
Adelles makes an apple chicken sausage and other flavors made with chicken and turkey. Most of these are easily under 200 calories for a link.
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I cannot recommend enough a vegan product called Gimme Lean (sausage flavor - it also comes in a ground beef flavor).  I served it to my father years ago and he had no idea that it wasn't real sausage.  After I told him, he said he liked it anyway!  You find it in the refrigerator or freezer section.

It's low in calories, almost no fat, high protein and easy to prepare.  To give it more of a genuine sausage "feel," I would brown it in just a touch of olive oil.  If you like hot sausage, just add a few dashes of tabasco to it.

There is also a product called Bistro Sensations - a chicken and turkey Sausage - they put out a Smoked Mozzarella, Artichoke and Garlic sausage that is EXCELLENT and is only 110 calories for a large link.


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I too love sausage - especially in pasta dishes. What I like to do is cook regular ground sausage with ground turkey in a 2 to 1 or even 3-1 ratio. (2 parts turkey to 1 part sausage). By cooking it together the turkey absorbs the flavor of the sausage but is still less fat and calories then all sausage. I will make up a big batch and then freeze portions to use in all types of things. Add some spices like garlic and sliced onions and it makes a great base for things like lasagna or spagetti. I also like it mixed in with scrambled egg whites and spinach. Mmmmmmm.
Turkey keilbasa (sp?) is only 70 calories per serving (a bit high on sodium though). It is very good in a stir fry ( we had it with yellow and orange pepper slices!)
well, you could make them yourself.

try this.....

mix , lean mince meat, wholemeal breadcrumbs, grated peppers, grated onion, pinch of salt, some spices... and then shape in a sausage shape, and add the tiniest bit of oil. and cook
Healthy Choice sausage is the best! 
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I've been frying up ground whatever (pork, beef, chicken, turkey), dousing it with marjoram and paprika, and stir frying it with chopped cabbage, onions and garlic.  The dish has sausage-like flavor and is fairly low cal due to the cabbage. [vaguely a cross between kapusty and skvarky....a little bacon would add to it....]
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Costco has Turkey Pepperoni Sausage and Chicken Turkey Spinach Feta Sausage. They are both great!

I think regular hot dogs & sausages are so gross... however, if I go camping, I like to roast things over the fire. These veggie hot dogs are my go-to brand:

Sausages: roduct/spicy_italian_veggie_sausage/

Hot dogs: roduct/hot_spicy_chili_dogs/

(Edit: D'oh, I just noticed this post was from 2007...)

None that ever tasted good enough to have a second time and certainly not some vegetable substitute. I eat sausage's once in a while ( a few times a month) and when I do I want to full fat version.

Making your own is the best way. You get to control whatt is in them so you needn't miss out!

Making sausages is easy and fun and, if you cook them healthily, you can ENJOY!


take a look at my easy step by step guide to making sausages at home.


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