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Milk as a meal replacement?

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Is it true that if you can get anything else to eat, or if your not very hungry, drink a glass of milk? I remember it was a parenting tip that I heard once- if your child is a picky eater and refuses to eat what you make for dinner- give them a glass of milk and send them to bed- but does it work for adults too?

I was out the other day at the mall around lunch time, and starving, I didnt want to pick up any fast food, so I grabbed a bottle of milk and it held me over till dinner? Is that a bad trick?
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I think it's a great trick actually. Milk is a complete protein food. All I keep hearing all the time is how a cup of chocolate milk (low fat, of course) is such a great snack.
Thats great to hear! Now I know ive been making a good choice when I get my bottle of low fat chocolate milk =) Maybe even a good choice at breakfast? Im bad at the breakfast thing, and am always looking for a easy way out for that- Ive tried meal replacement drinks (like slimfast) but I can get those down- the vitamin taste just doesnt go well with me!
No, yiou shoudlnt skip foods all the time for milk
Sometimes, maybe
If youre sick, it does more good than harm
Dont just dirnk choco milk instead of food tho. You still need fibre and iron
But if you are full and need cals, go for the milk.
as a snack, sure.  as a meal, no way.
i've heard that milk turns to food when it gets to your stomach?????  is this true?

i know personally that milk is very filling, however; i would definetly not call it a meal replacement w/ out adding something to it like protein shake mix, slimfast, carnation instant breakfast etc.  i also like to have a glass of milk w/ a lite snack to tide me over till the next meal :)
Lol, no
There is no difference between food and dirnk - calories are what counts.
Milk is filling as its proteiny
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Skim chocolate milk is my favorite snack! In fact I just went to the fridge at work to get some and realized I had finished my half gallon last week so I need to get another - but it's full of protein and no fat! Plus it filld you up and is good for you!
I don't eat "meals" per se -- I snack all day, so that's why I didn't differentiate. I think it's DEFINITELY better than fast food. Probably ought to have some fruit or something on hand to go with the milk instead of holding out til dinner.
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