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measuring ice cream

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when measuring ice cream, say a 1/2 cup, how packed in is it supposed to be?  if you just scoop it with an ice cream scooper or spoon and don't pack it at all, there are lots of air spaces.  however, there is also a big difference in how much ice cream can fit if it is barely pushed down or tightly packed.
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If I'm feeling a particularly strong craving, you bet I'm packing it in!  On other days, I will deliberately not pack it in.  It makes me feel good though, whatever I do, to be in control of myself enough to measure out a serving.
I weigh out 8 ounces.  I put my chilled bowl right on the scale, zero it out, set it to weight ounces, and scoop.
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Hungry girl tested this out and found that the serving size was not for tightly packed ice cream.
I go by weight - in grams.  That way, I know exactly how much I can have. 

I also use a smaller bowl now so that it looks like more.
I should just smack myself in the head now haha..duh..

The only problem is we don't have a digital scale, only one of the dial versions, but I guess I'll just have to make due
I look at the label to see how many servings ina container.  For example, a pint of Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daz has 4 servings.  So I visualize that pint sliced in half twice, vertically (since it's bigger on the top, I don't slice it across).  Then I scoop out that approximate amount.  If you aren't visual, that might not work for you.  You could always get a big knife and divide your ice cream into servings like that though and put them in wax paper or ziploc bags.
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I just eat the whole pint. (I know; bad).
i just eat a golf ball and a half worth of ice cream...and its cool because i found a generic brand of fat free icecream thats like 3 dollars cheaper than breyers and its just as good...and it actually has less calories, 80 cal. per 1/2 cup serving and no fat...
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