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Measuring chips in ounces??? I'm not that good at math!

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So I'm eating these Guacachips (very tasty) but it says serving size: 1 oz. 150 cal. So basically. . . how do you measure chips in ounces? How many normal tortilla chips would you guesstimate would be about an ounce?
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I just use my food scale ... it eliminates the guesswork!

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I don't know what chips you are eating, but mine (plain, normal sized triangle tortilla chips) are 130 calories per 28 grams (about an oz) and that equals 9 unbroken chips.
only 9 chips! lol uh oh!
I don't have chips often, but when I do I weigh them.  It's impossible to measure the volume of chips.
9 chips sounds about right.since they DO have guacamole and stuff
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