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How do you measure greens?

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I'm kinda new to this whole calorie counting thing.  I've been on for about 1 1/2 weeks.  I have a stupid question:

How do you measure out leafy greens like spring mix, lettuce, spinach, etc.?  I usually get mine from a local farmer and always thought I should probably do a lightly packed cup, but when I bought a bag of spinach this week it said a serving was 4 cups, and that there were 2 servings in the bag, and if I had been measuring, I would have said there were 2 or maybe 4 cups in the bag, definitely not 8!

Somebody walk me through this, please!  Is it what looks like a cup after you dump it on your plate?  Is it sprinkled into the measuring cup?  Packed?  Lightly packed?


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To be honest, I just sort of eyeball it once it's in the bowl.  My thinking is that these greens are so low in calories that it won't matter if I'm even a cup off.  Helpful, aren't I?  ;)
Did you look at the weight of the bag and see if the number of servings matched that weight. I'm not sure that makes sense, but why I ask is I have seen lots of greens mislabeled. The package will say there are two servings and a serving is 3 oz, but the bag or box is just 4 oz... overall greens seem to be mislabeled. I usually weigh them if I'm feeling obsessive, otherwise just figure ~20 calories and just don't worry about it.
I have that problem too. Since they don't specify on the package, light or hard packed, i pack hard.  I might as well get the most for my calories and greens aren't going to hurt me if i eat too much.  i am so excited to have my huge salad tonight with all sorts of fun stuff on it.
I was just wondering the same thing today myself.  I am not used to calling them greens since I'm new at this too.  It was a good question and I did find all of your responses helpful Laughing
I know it's rather an overkill, but I weigh my lettuce.  :)
I weigh my greens too.  I use baby spinach a lot, and 1 ounce by weight is equal to 1 cup.  I have various recipes that specify how much to use in cups, and I just translate the cups to ounces.  I feel like its a lot more precise and recipe friendly than to try to figure out how hard to smash the greens (or not) into a cup.
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Thanks everyone for your input.  I'll try a scale for a while until I get the hang of it, but you're right about it not being too many calories. 
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