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How to measure frozen foods?

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This might be a silly question but just for clarification, do you measure frozen foods like vegetables before or after you cook them? The nutrition label doesn't specify whether the serving size is cooked or uncooked.


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the best way if you donot have a scale( to compare with unfrozen stuff)  is to check on websites.  I had the hardest time figuring out about condensed soup servings, till I got to the web site which stated prepared (diluted) soup. If you are really serious about a long time change in eating(and losing weight) a scale is extremely useful. No puzzling about why you are not losing weight- that piece of cheese full of fat may be almost twice as big as you think it is.  One nice thing about the scale is when you are only allowed a small piece, you may end up savouring it rather than wolfing it down since you KNOW thats all you are getting..
^^ i think they misread the question. :\

personally, since i had this same question a few weeks back, for things like mixed vegetables I cook them first, then measure, if im using a scale.

whether that's completely necessary or not is beyond me, its just what i do to be sure.

Thanks for the responses. I know using a scale would be best but since I don't have one I'll just measure after cooking.

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