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How do you measure cooked pasta?

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What does a serving of cooked pasta weigh?  If it is 2 oz. dry, what does it weigh after being cooked... I'm cooking for the whole family, so I can't just cook 1 serving... HELP!

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You really need a template that you measure out the pasta dry.  I feel that is the only true measure of how many servings are made.  If you want to know what 1/2 cup of cooked pasta is you have liquid measuring containers you can use which is the best I can offer.

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Well, if you type pasta into your food log, it will come up with both cooked and uncooked portions.  Most in ounces and grams.  You need a set of measuring cups and at the very least a food scale.  I know of the template that Heavenly has mentioned, but you can't measure macaroni using that.  You can probably  find one of those and measuring cups at a Dollar store.  I found my scale at Walmart.

If you have an average sized hand, make a fist-that's pretty close to 1 cup.  If you turn your hand upside down and cup it like you would cup to get a one handed drink of water, that's about 1/4 cup.  An empty 6 oz yogurt container is 3/4 cup and an empty pudding cup is 1/4 cup.  If you use Crystal Light, those little cups that comes in is 2 tablespoons.  These suggestions are approximations only.  I have used every single one that I mentioned in an emergency (moving-couldn't find a measuring cup.)  Get the scale, get the cups.  This will help you out so much.  I actually measured out my 1 oz of dry spaghetti before it was cooked, then transferred it to a measuring cup to see what the cooked weight measured out to.  You can experiment with a hand full of sand, rocks or kitty litter if that's all there is, just to see how much volume your cup holds if your scooping dry stuff, or run it under the water and do the same for liquids.  Good luck.  I think the scale is the best unit for measuring that I have. 

If you have a scale, weigh it all dry.  Then weigh it when its cooked.  The weight should go up about 3x or so.  So 2 before is 6oz. after.  But thats if you have a scale.  If you don't have a scale.....get a scale, you'll need it anyway.

Now I want spaghetti!

Bon appetit!

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Some in the weigh loss forum said that Barilla has a guide on its website.

I stumbled upon this while looking for the same answer and thought I should just check myself and here is what I found.

The truth is that it really depends on how you COOK your pasta... IF you cook it al dente the conversion factor is ABOUT 2.5 (1 oz dry pasta will yield about 2.5 ounces cooked). If you like your pasta a bit more done (like me) it will (as suggested earlier) yield about 3 times the weight cooked as dry. 

The BEST way, as mentioned earlier, to be as precise as possible is to wiegh before and after it is cooked and do the math yourself, for your own tastes, but for others who stumble upon this perhaps this will help in a pinch! :)

NOTE* Most regular pastas yield roughly the same cooked/dry ratio while egg noodles are a whole other ball game! :) 

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