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Meal Plan with Shopping List - one month??

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Does anyone have an online source for a complete meal plan for one month, with a resulting shopping list?  I would think that someone would have planned out the whole month and created an excel spreadsheet that has everything in it for either a 1200 calorie per day female or a 1500 calorie per day male. 

then you just add in more if you want it. 

Something with good diversity of meals, and easy to create (one hour meals) .  I would think this would be the perfect meal plan cook book, but I have never found anything like that. 

Would like to take the shopping list directly to Stop & Shop (aka online) and get everything ordered.  then show up to get it all, and bring it home.


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Noone knows of a tool like this at all? 

This free one is hosted by UK retailer Tesco.  Healthy Living Meal Plans.   The one week plans are based around a 2000 cal daily diet but if you reduce some of the quantities or leave out the snacks and run it through the CC food log you can trim it to suit.

I used their online diet/menu planning/shopping list generating service for several months in order to kickstart my weight-loss and found it very effective.   I went for their 'Low GI diet' option and I'm still using a lot of their recipes and meal suggestions today.  There's a subscription fee, of course.
Try to find Clean Eating magazine in a local store. Every issue has 30 day meal plans with complete shopping lists. However, it usually totals 1800-2000 cals a day.

There's a grocery store called Aldi and if you go to their website you will find recipes under various categories.  They have a low calorie category and you can pick out some recipe and have it generate a shopping list for you.  The site is and then you click on "at your service" and then "meal plans."  Hope this helps!

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