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I checked the site to see how many calories the McLobster has... and it isn't listed ...does anybody know about this item's a limited time thing...
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There is such thing as a McLobster? I think I'm scared, very, very scared.
hahaha I'm with super! lol

take care
****shakin' in my boots at the prospect of such a McFood**** 
hahah totally forgot that it's only avaliable on the good ol' east coast of canada where we are famous for our lobster and seafood...
In some ways that makes sense, in some ways I think it's a horrible waste of Lobster (although I'm kind of assuming it's the pollock immitation lobster considering McDonalds). I'm still scared.
McLobster... ?

And now, from the sunny state of California, McTofu!
OK...I'm scared too....

McLobster???  Gotta be McMistake
Hey....I just googled McLobster and found this interesting article on McDonald's. I guess the McLobster was exclusive to the UK until recently when it's in some location in Canada and NE USA.  Strange. items
Is it actual lobster or is it a langostine...which is like a cousin of a lobster?  Good lord...McSeafood...I'm McScared!!
i'm guessing it isn't real lobster.... i was curious because i had a weird craving for lobster yesterday... however... it has since subsided..i think it was because it's the seafood festival here all week... oh us maritimers sure know how to party...
Nothing like martime seafood!

If you have a craving, seeing as you are surrounded by such awesome seafood, don't spoil it with McDonalds.  Go have something good.
Hmm...I've seen those advertised in Maine (basically, a lobster roll), but never dared try one!
thinking about the mclobster.....*grabs stomach and runs to the bathroom* lol
I wish we had regional McFood... McChitlins...McGrits...McCatfish..
I'd be afraid McLobster would carry the risk of Mcfood poisioning!!

Has anyone tried this oddity??

And here I thought I was brave for trying their ice cream ...
well they have a good ol' fish fillet.   If the McLobster is a regional thing where seafood and lobster is more common, then I guess I don't see the big deal...

Obviously, I don't visit McDonalds often at all.  So I feel the same way about a McLobster as I do about most other McDonald's food...

wow.....i have not seen that here in ct.  but then again i haven't
been in a mcdonald's in forever.  all of new england should
shudder at such a thought as mclobster.  i find it strange that in
a location where seafood is so abundant and so tasty, where some people
even wrinkle their noses at eating another lobster again because it's
everywhere and "the poor man's food" here, that they would have
something like that.  i mean, i get it that lobster is famous
around here and so you'd want it on your menu, but we've got the REAL
stuff!  And really cheap too!  so strange....
We have McLobsters here, but I'm in the Northeast- lobster country! I wouldn't eat one, I hate lobster with a passion. I don't have bad feelings about McDonalds. They are obviously trying to get healthier options which is admirable and they can't get rid of their high fat items because it would hurt them to change what their company originally started. I think they're headed in a good direction- more options, for all tastes.
Oddly enough in Wisconsin we have no McLobster but you can get a Johnsonville Brat (but not a McBrat).
haha McBrat.  I have an image in my head of a toddler demanding a happy meal and throwing a tantrum until it gets it :-)
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