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mayonnaise vs olive oil...mayo the winner?

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So I know that mayo is pretty much a BANNED food for any dieter but I compared nutrition facts and mayo per TBS. has less fat than olive oil and less saturated fat.  Here is how they compare:

Kraft Mayo  has 90 cals, 10g fat, 1.5g sat. fat, 2.5 mono, 6 poly, 70mg sodium, 5mg cholesterol, 0 carbs, 0 fiber, 0 sugar, 0 protein.

Olive Oil  has 140 cals, 14g fat, 2g sat. fat, 10 mono, 2 poly, 0 sodium, 0 chol., 0 carbs, 0 fiber, 0 sugar, 0 protein.

yes olive oil is "heart healthy" only because of the higher number of mono unsaturated fats but you can really just take some omega 3 pills and enjoy that TBS of creamy mayo goodness. So really if you eat some mayo on your sammie you save 50 cals, 4g fat, .5g sat fat, and you get to eat a "BANNED" food.



so overall, less cals for mayo, better taste ( to me at least) less sat fat, and 70 mg of sodium and 5mg cholesterol will not kill you!! I'll take that for a tasty turkey sammie.

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Hmm I have never been under the impression that either were banned !

Love them both use them both all the time, moderation and portion is key =)

I personally love the hellmann's reduced cal mayo and i use EVOO to sautee all the time.


okay not "banned" per se but everyone says "no mayo! mayo is bad it will clog your arteries!" when in fact saturated fat clogs arteries and it has less than olive oil! people put too much benefit onto olive oil and say it's 1000x better for you when it only has one real advantage. Our country sees mayo as a weight loss baricade and think olive oil will trim them up like the Italians. People never think to compare the two, they just assume mayo is bad. It's funny actually.

There are too many 'BANNED' foods in dieters imaginations.  Mention egg-yolks to some people and you might as well suggest they eat monkey-brains... although, on reflection, they'd probably give you a half-hour lecture on how monkey-brains are nutritionally superior... 'Carbs' in some quarters are synonymous with 'Nazi' for that instant screw-the-face-up-in-disgust response.   Mention 'fat' (even the saintly EVOO) and some run screaming from the room.

Home-made mayonnaise tops anything you can buy in a bottle and I highly recommend it..... even with the raw egg yolks (!!!!) & the oil (!!!!)... pass the monkey-brains.

BTW... it's now becoming disputed as to whether swallowing Omega 3 tablets is advisable.  Apparently, when consumed along with their original host... e.g. a fish... they're nutritional dynamite.  But when extracted, isolated and added to yoghurts or sold in pill form there are murmurs that they are anything but beneficial. 

Also BTW... you can't really put olive oil on your turkey sammie... it just drips out of the sides....

Hellman's makes an olive-oil mayonnaise, ooohh heaven and best of both worlds.

However....100 cals per tablespoon is a bit too expensive for my taste, so I usually stick to the less tasty reduced-cal mayo which is 50 cals per tablespoon, unless it's for something that you can really taste the mayo in.

And despite my mayo-loving tendencies, I am usually WAY under my fat target for the day, so I really don't understand the people that gi-jane refers to...the ones who consider some foods off-limits and lament about how thy haven't had (insert some beloved food) for years. As far as i am concerned, nothing is off limits. Like Korali, I agree it's all about moderation and portion control and making choices rather than going whole-hog all the time.

As to the winner...well mayo wins on sandwiches, olive oil wins on salads, and the BIG winner is olive oil mayo.

gi jane...if I were not afraid of salmonella and the fact that a single batch would go bad before I could use it all due to lack of preservatives, I would SO make my own!! Yum!

Mayo is only safe when you put it on yourself, ever see a nutrition label for a tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich simpy erronious!!

Also I find at sandwich places they tend to glop it on so heavily, but if I am at home I dont think a tbsp is that big of a deal.

Hellman's now makes a canola-oil based mayo. No cholesterol, and 45 calories per tablespoon. Pretty good alternative, if you ask me.

mayo has that more airy consistency.. i think that's what makes the difference in calories.. its just less dense by volume (TBSP) 

look at the ingredients on mayo and decide for yourself.. good brands use just a few ingredients

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