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Marshmallow substitute for Rice Krispies?

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I'm trying to make extremely low-calorie Rice Krispie-like snacks by using puffed wheat to replace Rice Krispies (50 calories per cup vs. 100 calories per cup).  I'm using 0 calorie spray-butter to replace the butter and vanilla and Splenda to taste.  However, I have no idea what to use to make it all stick together.

I need something that idealy has less than 20 calories per tablespoon.  Any ideas?
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Well its not exactly what you are looking for but some vegetarian friends made their rice krispie treats with coconut and honey instead of marshmallows.  Marshmallows contain animal by product.  Maybe try unflavored gelatin
I thought marshmellows were mostly air? I have heard from several people that Rice Krispie Treats can be a pretty good snack for you if you use some substitutions for the butter...
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I'm thinking meringue might work. But meringue requires sugar, but it has very few calories.

Seperate 3 egg whites from the yolks in a completly grease free bowl (something that isn't plastic) with no traces of the yolk.  The smallest amount of grease will prevent the egg whites from increasing in size. Beat on high spead with clean beaters on high speed. Add 1/3 cup of sugar slowly when the meringue starts to form. Beat until you form stiff peaks. (When you take out the beaters, the "peaks" will be stiff, you'll see what I mean.)

I don't know if that is lower in calories though.
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I know you wanted a substitute for the marshmallows but hungry girl has a very good recipe for krispy treats using fiber one cereal that is very low in calories .php?isid=907

I have made them many times and they are delicious.  They also fill you up which is a good thing if you want to limit yourself to just one :)
There is no way to replace the marshmallows in Rice Krispies Treats.  The melted marshmallow is what holds them together.  The only solution is to not have them, or to have only a small piece and include it in your calorie allowance.
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I am sorry to break this to you, but marshmallows are the least of your problems.  The "0" calorie butter spray you speak of?  It is only 0 calories if you use 5-10 sprays.  Look at the ingrediants.  Do you really think all that oil is calorie and fat-free?  If you use enough of it to work in a recipe, you are just pouring pure fat and calories into your mixture.  Feel free to look up further information on this, it is quite the deception.

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I know you can buy sugar-free marshmallows on-line.  However, I don't know how many calories they have.  Sugar-free doesn't necessarily mean low-calorie.

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fat free marshmallows are 80 calories per 1/2 cup, so if you melt them down that's 13 calories per tablespoon.


also, you know that 0 calorie spray-butter isn't ACTUALLY 0 calories right? i can't imagine that you're only using one spray, lol.

La Nouba sugarfree marshmallows. also making them with fiber one sounds like a good idea.

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Who are you making these for? What type of snack would you call it? Is it to keep as a comfort food treat or as an alternative to Binge eating? The Problem is in the fact that this White rice is a empty nutrient, high calorie and the multiple sugars Was Continuing the empty nutrition high calories. ONLY IDEAS>>>why don't you use a healthier cereal rather than rice crispies> Puffed wheat or " All Bran " high in insoluble fibers that your body wont absorb and will be out of you in one day. The Major Change could Be TO substitute some nuts Or seeds Or for maybe 1/4 of the cereal and use these changes as a higher protein bringing you closer to a whole food energy snack rather than seeing it as a >>>Treat that is just full of empty calories. We all Know *Sugar is sticky.*honey *Molasses *corn syrup, corn and potato starch.Knox Gelatin. Think about White sticky steamed rice with vinegar !This used to be glue 200 years ago. many grains have this quality ! Choose 1 or many! Experiment with small amounts till you find the right one.

To post #10, OP said they are using puffed wheat rather than the rice krispies...

I'd just stick with the marshmallows (no pun intended!).  I like the idea of using fiber one too.  I used to make a lower-fat version by keeping the margarine to a minimum.  Using artificial stuff isn't really my style.  I don't like Splenda or the spray-butter :/

Original Post by clairelaine:

There is no way to replace the marshmallows in Rice Krispies Treats. The melted marshmallow is what holds them together. The only solution is to not have them, or to have only a small piece and include it in your calorie allowance.

I'm with you on that. Here's a novel concept. Instead of making gross, weird, unsatisfying "diet" versions of favorite desserts, why not have the real thing and just have a smaller serving of it? It's worked for me...

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There is such a thing as Marshmallow substitute. Check out this site:

You may be able to find them in health food stores. I haven't had any luck, though. I've had to order them online.

(( and the gelatin is where the animal product is ))

What about starch? That's what they use in Turkish delights and those Mochi sweets.

I tried puffed rice with a meringue with sugar blend (or just use sugar because it doesn't take much), which worked pretty good. I was fast at getting into the oven (300 degrees for 10 minutes and 250 degrees for 30 minutes), but the rice did shrink about half the size. This actually help make it more crunchy. Overall, we enjoyed it without guilt! :)

I will try this with puffed wheat to see if I can reduce shrinkage.....


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How about making these? I'm obsessed with this blog... Everything tastes so delicious!! -ingredient-rice-crispy-treats/

.....just eat the real thing? all you are putting into your body is fake food.  btw chocolate covered katie is wack as hell and noone should be encouraging her behavior by promoting her ok

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Halfwaytobeautiful: I'm sorry, but what do you mean that CCK is "wack as hell?" I find her recipes to be very healthy and adjustable and delicious and I don't see anything wrong with them... Not to argue, I'm just curious as to what you don't like about them.
Puffed rice has the same glycemic index as sugar. Marshmallows are obviously sugar. The whole thing is sugar. My advice is to eat just the butter. It actually has lots of nutrients and won't give you diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Or eat your rice crispy treats as a treat, not as real food or as lunch. They are candy. They aren't even a snack.
And Splenda is not good for anyone. It's a chemical. It can have nasty side effects. I hate to see people eating it :(
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