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Marks and Spencers 'Simply Fuller Longer' range - AMAZING! (UK)

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I just wanted to shout out for the new M &S 'Simply Fuller Longer' range of food. They've got lunches, like sandwiches and salads, and dinners from curries to eastern cuisine.

When I first saw the range, I was SO excited. They aren't fancy 'diet' foods with cut fat and E numbers. All they've done is increase the amount of protein in the meals, and reduced the carbs, using low-fat options where possible.

From the one's I've tried they're DELICIOUS. They're also low on calories (not very low, but a very sensible meal size portion) and very high in protein.

I'd highly recommend them, especially the spaghetti meatballs dinner, and the ham and cheddar sandwich. For the meatballs, there were at least 10 meatballs and a lot less spaghetti, and the sandwich was LOADED with ham and a very thin slice of cheese for flavour (with mustard, yum!)

A wee bit more about there here: ranges/simply-fuller-longer

This is the healthy eating convenience food range I have been waiting for! I find 'diet' foods that are 'reduced fat mayo' and 'low-fat pasta salads' are tasteless and still have higher fat than protein content. These tick all the healthy eating boxes, for someone with an active lifestyle.

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I tried the chicken and barley soup, it was very yum, tasted like a roast chicken dinner in soup form.

I had the prawn and mixed rice salad for lunch. It had plenty of king prawns, white and brown rice, wild rice, pumpkin seeds, green lentils and a gorgeous dressing. I really enjoyed it, and the cals were fine, the fat low, and nutrients high. (I own up though, I do work for M&S, but I'm not just plugging, I generally hate "diet food"). The sarnies also look like a generous size for the cals. I'm trying to make lunch at home, but i think they are a good option for when I don't have time.

I tried the paella and Singapore noodles, both were great. Taste really good, the whole range looks very tempting actually.

Ooooh! I glad of this post! I went to M&S to get my lunch today (we actually had NO food at home) & saw the range but ended up getting something from the count on us range which was a little dissapointing. I did however have some really delicious prawns - count on us marinated prawns with sweet chilli dip. There was loads of prawns & it was 130cal.

I think I will be this ham & chedder sandwich tomorrow as it sounds pretty yum.

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