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Mango Skin

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Hey, can you the skin of Mangoes? Lemme rephrase that, should you? cause I already did.
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You made me giggle :)  Actually, the skin is edible, but some people are allergic to it.  In tropical places, people eat all but the stone in the center.  I guess mangoes are related to poison ivy and poison oak.  With that said, if your susceptible to Ivy or Oak, its not a good idea to eat the skin.  Within a few hours of eat it you may become itchy and develop a blistery rash around your mouth.  Oh gosh; I pray you're not allergic!
haha, thanks for the quick reply. I have actually had a mango everyday for the last three days without incident. So I'm gonna go ahead and assume I am not allergic.
Ick I HATE the skin. I thought it tasted like hair lol. I accidentally bit it once and almost gagged- my boyfriend (Filipino and thus a mango expert i.e. "Never eat the skin!") choked laughing. I guess it's up to you but make sure to wash it first!

Mangoes are my favorite food. That's why your question caught my eye. I heard that the skin is somewhat poisonous. Maybe it's worth verifying.

Actually, you can BECOME allergic, over time. As with any food.

My DD used to eat mangoes all the time... and then she developed the blistery mouth rash. But we never connected the two. And she kept eating mangoes (and pistachios -somehow the two are related, allergenically). And then she started getting horrible hives all over her body. Finally we put two-and-two together. She cannot get near either now, for fear she'll go into allergic shock.

So I would say, don't eat the skin!! She wasn't even eating the skin, just handling them.
dude i'm gonna start eating it too! saves like ten minutes of slicing and stuff :P
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hey i think i'll try it too!

i started eating kiwi skin after seeing that people on CC did as well... i quite like it too!

now i'll start eating mango skin as well.... :) definitely saves a lot of extra time and effort!

and its probably extra fiber!
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If mango is eaten green the skin is eaten too (unripe-dipped in chili and salt its tasty, good to do that with unripe (still tart) apples too- mango trees do discard some green fruit- I assume some varieties bear so much fruit some fruit is removed green to get a particularly flavourful fruit . its done with peaches and apples) - its not much different in taste and texture-the skin is thicker when ripe. If it is ripe, the skin is not often discarded. I suppose it is what you like. I dislike eating plums that have tart skin, others doubtless love the sweet flesh contrasted with the sour skin.
I loveee mangos. I eat them all the time when they're in season. But I cannot eat the skin. I bit into it once and it's so disgusting tasting. My parents always told me never to eat the skin that it was bad for you so I don't know..
I guess it's the leaves that are toxic. I'm obviously not an expert.
I was told if the skin makes your tongue tingle then you are allergic to it. the fruit is okay even if you are allergic to the skin.  I am no expert tho... just someone whose tongue tingles!!
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