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I miss macaroni and cheese so much.  I don't eat it now because it's SO high in sodium, and I can get 3 times as much food with a huge salad and turkey than one cup of that for the same calories. Does anyone know any healthy alternatives to macaroni and cheese? I looked up some recipes, but all are still pretty calorie dense. Is there anything that's similar to it but not it?

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this might sound abit weird, but you could use rice instead; i'm sure that would lower the calories a tad.

also, you could just have it as a side dish. have some grilled chicken and veggies to go along with abit of mac and cheese.

moderation is key.

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try vegan mac and cheese, there are some good recipes on fat free vegan kitchen's food blog.
You could try a pasta bake with a tomato-based rather than a cheese-based sauce.  Make a tomato sauce with some vegetables,  stir in the pasta, sprinkle some cheese & breadcrumbs on top and then bake until golden.  Different flavour, obviously, but a quick, easy family supper dish nonetheless.

Well, if you don't have a problem with frozen entrees, here are some reviews by on some lower cal/fat selections (with highest rank going to the WW Smart Ones): ls.php?isid=888

I just created last week and awesome low cal Mac N Cheese recipe, feel free to try it

-1 package house of shirataki tofu noodles (Fettucine works best)

-3 tbsp ff cream cheese

-1/4 cup FF cheddar shredded

-Sprinkle on top some Molly McButter Cheese microwave and you have cheesy goodness for max of 150 calories and no fat!

I have to agree with Santonacci... WW SmartOnes frozen mac n' cheese is amazing!  I also make mac n' cheese myself with wheat pasta and low-fat velveeta (or even fat-free kraft american slices with skim milk...though not as creamy!)  Not the best alternative, but better than the full-fat, full cal recipe my husband perfers!Wink

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