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Lunch Ideas for a VERY Hungry Man!!

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I pack my fiance a lunch in the morning that usually consists on 2 sandwiches (meat and cheese only), chips, fruit, and mixed nuts. The sad thing is... by 10am he eats it and by noon time, he's at McDonald's. He often works a 10+ hour day, so sometimes he stops at McD's twice!

I need some ideas on what to pack him to keep him fairly full and not give him a heart attack. It needs to be something that can be packed in a lunchbag (he's a driver) and kept hot or cold that way.

Any sandwich alternatives? Or at least a filling one.

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Maybe start by suggesting he has a bigger breakfast?   Some eggs, grilled bacon and wholegrain toast... a fruit smoothie to follow up... oatmeal perhaps?  Something that might keep him going until longer than 10 am.

Better than MacDonalds would be some Wholemeal Banana & Apple Muffins perhaps.  You could pack 3 or 4 sandwiches... a lot more fruit.  There are wide-necked vacuum flasks you can get which are good for home-made soup.  Nuts are high-cal but low bulk.  Maybe include some muesli bars... fewer calories and more filling?

And then how about not letting him out of the house with more than a token amount of money!?  That would put MacDonalds out of reach :-) You can lead a horse to water.... etc.

I used to pack my hubby's lunch every day, AND make him breakfast.  Step 1 was definitely make a good breakfast.  Then he got lunch salads, leftovers, or soup (sandwiches took too much effort at 4:30 in the morning :P).  And plenty of snacks!  He'd get apples every day, sometimes trail mix or plain nuts, but basically I'd pack him 2-3 different snacks in addition to his lunch, his breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of soda or kool-aid :P  I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore, because it's hard to pack food for someone else all the time - you pack something you think is fine, and then you get nothing but grief later when it turns out he didn't like it!

Other good "snacks" (if you portion them right): chicken salad, tuna salad, hard boiled eggs...

I'd try adding more veggies. Make a quick salad in a tupperware container with iceberg lettuce, lean meat (like chicken), and maybe some carrots. Also try getting some low fat sald dressing packets (they sell packets of the 0 calorie walden farms dressing). Then for snacks, try packing things like apples, baggies of veggies, etc.

Soup is also very filling. Cambells makes the soup-at-hands, which are filling and easy to grab.

If he can stomach meat in the morning, try to get him to eat meat for breakfast or at least dairy and peanut butter.  My husband eats a cold cereal, milk and a meat something or other before work.  Then he eats mostly peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat for work, usually 2 of them.  Or one of them and one tuna sandwich or cheese sandwich.  He also gets a pint of (chocolate) milk and fruit in his lunchbox. 

Another snack to add is Fig Newtons, string cheese. 

Make sure you aren't giving him breads with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Most breads have that and not enough fiber.  That may be making him hungrier.  I get a store brand bread that is cheap and has none of that fake sugar stuff. 

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In addition to a good breakfast how about making him a great lunch consisting of a sandwich on a whole wheat roll with lettuce, a grilled chicken breast and light mayo.  It will be as filling as a Mcd's burger but so much healthier.  Add some crackers and cheese, an apple or pear, a granola bar ( make it chocolate dipped so it feels like "junk") and four or five homemade oatmeal cookies or a muffin.  With a big jug of water, juice or coffee, he should be stuffed for hours and not even want to think about Mcd's when he is so full of good food.  My hubby never complained about this lunch. ( oh yeah and don't forget about sending roast chicken legs and a nice fresh bun , he'd probably love that too.)

Maybe if you pack him a hamburger that you make yourself, with lean ground meat or a veggie burger and a whole wheat bun, he'll be so sick of burgers he won't stop by McDonald's.

I can see how he'd still be hungry, 2 sandwiches and some snacks isn't really that much. If you're using lunch meats, maybe you could use whole meats instead. A 6 oz chicken breast between 2 bread slices is a lot more filling than a couple slices of deli turkey.

well, good luck.  it is hard to pack for someone else.  especially a hungry some one else!

everybody made great suggestions but I'l add one.  have him keep a box of granola bars or cookies; tuna packs he can eat with a fork; a sack of oranges and apples; and sandwich crackers ALL IN HIS TRUCK!  they won't take up much room.  he can put it under a seat, behind the seat or on the backseat, in the toolbox or in a small box or cooler in the bed.  itll keep him from stopping at fast food places; he might save thirty mins of waiting in the drivethru line every day too so he'll get home earlier!  :)

i think many of these really are great suggestions.  i do think leftovers are a really good idea:  pork chops (or sandwiches made w/them), burgers, chili, chicken cutlets/chicken parm, spaghetti w/meatballs.  or cut up meat/chicken/eggs and throw it in w/rice pilaf or vegetable rice.  or make a spread w/beans/cheese/vegetables and use that instead of mayo.  i love the muffin suggestion; see if there are any high fiber or high protein ones that he likes.  for snacks, i'd cut up a whole bunch of cheese cubes and baked pita chips; my mom loves those.

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i have a very hungry man to make lunch for too but i love the wide neck thurmos espically in winter whe you don't really feel like a salad. he could take baked beans or a thick soup and have with a whole grin roll or harty tew with mead and loads of vegies.

And try more protein for breakfast rather than just more food as it kick starts your matabilism and can make you more hungry till you get used to it.

good luck :)

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I am a guy, and I have a huge appetite also. What works for me is to eat a lot of apples, both as a snack and as a side to any given meal. They are very filling, and after doing this for a couple weeks, the appetite should come down nicely.

Getting away from McDonald's is a must. It drives his behavior to eat more of all the wrong types of food, both from a weight loss and health perspective. If he simply must stop, encourage him to stop at Subway. Any loaded up 6" sandwich there is better than Mickey D's choices.

Good luck!


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