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Lunch ideas - low sodium, low carbs (starch)

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I'm tired of searching the past forums and I'm looking for easy lunch ideas. I can't cook for squat and I'm more of a grab-n-go type. I want to stay low in sodium (sandwich meat and nonfat dairy can be kinda high) and I don't want my carb to carry the food to me (ie bread, wraps, etc). Soup falls into that high sodium catagory, chip or crackers fall into that vehical catagory. I'm supposed to avoid leafy greens cuz the vitamin K they have can mess with my meds. So salads are out the window too.

Meals/snacks should be balanced 20/30/50 - fats/protein/carbs.

Any lunch ideas?

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I know you don't cook but can you bake some chicken. You could do it once for the week and freeze. Then you can add this to salads,with rice and veggies.I like greek yogurt which is high in protein but not sure on sodium. I did see can tuna that is low sodium. Unless yiu have certain health problems you are really limiting your choices. Now of course if you have a health problem then you have to find ways around it. You need some carbs that are healthy like potato,whole grain bread and cereal,etc. How about egg beaters,veggie protein like boca burgers?

My menu usually ends really close to 20%fats 30%protein and 50%carbs.  Getting enough carbs is definitely not the problem.

Grilled chicken and steamed veggies is dinner nearly every nite.

Eggs and egg substitute is often covered by breakfast.

 Tuna is a good option and is what I'm having today.

Found 1 answer: Frozen cooked shrimp.  tail off is even easier.

Hey nymo, how did that Town and Country gig work out for you?  Was it what you expected? I just read about it in your journal.  By the way, you do look like a runner :)

As for low carb low sodium lunches.  Shrimp Rocks!  Also, check out Flat out Wraps, they are only 100 calories, 8 grams of Carb, and have lots of fiber, so you can load it up with hummus, lettuce, tomato, shrimp or chicken that you have baked/steamed yourself and have prepped in tupperware in the fridge.  I used to also mix one can of tuna with one or two hard boiled eggs, chopped and mix with lowfat mayo.  It was hog heaven, not too fatty, carby, or salty.  Put it on Salad Greens if you don't want to eat it plain.

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you should look into updated views on low sodium, low sodium does most people more harm then good

Thanks for the replies guys!

Wraps are great.  I really like the La Tortilla wraps which are 50cals, and a ton of fiber too.  They're awesome for carrying a lunch.

 Trust me, I get plenty of sodium.  Even with low sodium options I usually get more than I need a day.

Tuna with hard boiled eggs sounds like an excellent combo.  Thanks!

The Town and Country deal ended up pretty good, but we coulda doubles the amount of chicken we ordered and ordered less beef.  All of it is really good quality food and all the veggies are from Cascade Farms.  Good stuff!

Speaking of veggies, another option to add in the lunch mix would be edamame.  really balance nutrition wise, good chunk of protein and super easy to steam.

Original Post by ryudom:

you should look into updated views on low sodium, low sodium does most people more harm then good

 just wondering WHY you would say this....

Who doesn't get at least 500 mg of sodium per day? (low,low sodium)    and what would be detrimental to low sodium, unless you're talking below 500mg?


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