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Luna Bars...for ladies only?

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Do guys eat these, too?  I told my fiance they're for ladies only...I was being selfish 'cause I like 'em too much to share.  Are they specially formulated for women?  I suppose I'll share if they're just as good for men...
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From their website: asics/Luna%20Basics/#andmen

"Men too can enjoy LUNA bars! There is nothing in a LUNA bar that is not good for men. However, LUNA bars are specifically formulated to provide women with the nutrients that are often harder for them to get."

So, theyr'e just as good for men.... but you can use the excuse that they are EXTRA good for YOU!  ;)  haha.  I love luna bars!

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They're marketed to women but there's nothing in them that isn't for men too.

hahaha, if food really was gender specific, that would be funny

no, men can eat LUNA bars too. luna bars are just a different version of clif bars (same brand of course) they're lower in calories and packed with vitamins that women often miss in their diets, thus making it quite a lovely bar for women, but it's just as good for men as it is for women

ive been eating luna bars for quite some time... if they're for women only maybe that will explain why.... ehmm nevermind! :P i love the things but i had no idea they were officially made for women.
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I wouldn't be caught dead eating a Luna bar. lol
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DM84...what a riot!!  I was hoping the girly packaging would dissaude him too but he actually commented on how attractive the wrappers were (and no, his sexual preference is NOT in question).  I bought him the Kashi Rolls (or whatever they're called) so we could each have our own treats, but unfortunately they're pretty bland, especially compared to the Luna bars (curse you, Costco, for convincing me that getting 50 of them was a good idea!). 

Shadow~  Had no idea Luna and Clif are brother and sister...interesting! 

Puinsai~ As long as he doesn't start developing male PMS once a month, then I guess he can have one every now and then. 

I HATE sharing my diet foods!!!

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Lol, it won't hurt him. I just find it funny that he would even be satisfied eating one. I just ate a 400 calorie protein bar that's like 3 times the size of a Luna bar.
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