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what is the lowest calorie pasta available?

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Hi, searching thru the pages and having a hard time finding a low cal pasta---if there is one!! Any tips on where to look or a brand??



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Umm all pasta has the same calories. Unless you go for some weird ones that use tofu or something.... Although I wouldn't call that one pasta.


google fibre gourmet pasta.

the only difference between pastas is healthfulness. calories are always the same.


with pasta it has to be portion control.


unfortunate, but true

agree with UD

I buy smart taste by ronzoni, it is a bit less calories, a bit more fiber and protein, but not a huge huge difference.

In place of pasta a lot of times I eat spaghetti squash and did just buy the tofu kind since I kept reading rave reviews... but i'm very skeptical of it (it comes in a bag of water, eewww)

I have also read a lot of good things on here about the fiber gourmet.

There isn't really any need, imo, to eat more than about 2oz cooked pasta anyways. It is a decent amount for a spaghetti meal, and then you can have a salad and some chicken too.

shirataki noodles aren't exactly pasta noodles per se, but they are extremely low-calorie (compared to regular pasta, that is).

I tried shirataki noodles.

I willl take the extra 30 minutes on the treadmill, thank you very much

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Shiritaki tofu noodles are like 26 calories a serving. A lot of people can't stand them, but with hot pasta sauce I like it. A super low-cal meal is those noodles with some kind of jarred spaghetti or tomato sauce.

I'm resurrecting the thread-- Fiber Gourmet pasta has only 60% of the calories of regular pasta. ( fibdergourmet dot com ) They also have some crackers that are similarly calorie reduced.

The do it by using a high amount of resistant starch, basically fiber. In terms of taste/quality compared to regular pasta, I have found that I need to cook it longer but otherwise I can't tell the difference from normal boxed pastas.

The tofu noodles taste like vomit.

Don't buy that crap.

I actually tried the shirataki tofu noodles for the first time last night in a stir-fry with chicken breast & brocoli, using a light-sodium soy sauce. They took on the soy sauce taste nicely but overall I didn't get the satisfying feel of eating a heavy noodle dish, and the texture of these noodles is very slippery.

My wife, who didn't know what she was eating before hand, didn't seem to mind/notice anything different. You do need to rinse them thoroughly, and then boil for a minute or two, in order to remove the odor & flavor from their watery packaging. All that said, I don't think I'll seek them out again, but I'll probably use up the additional package I have remaining.

I buy either the smart pasta or a whole grain
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I'm not sure on the calories, but a brand called Dreamfields is low carb. Well, slow release carbs. You get about 5 at a time. Carbs turn to fat from what I understand. Maybe you can try those? They taste like regular noodles.

Spaghetti Squash - MY FAVORITE

Zucchini Spaghetti is also great too - Just zucchini cut in spaghetti strands :) 

this is when owning a mandoline comes in handy. I do zuchinni, yellow squash, carrots and red onions in strips, with fresh herbs makes a wonderful saute!

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Yes! Those are great ideas :)

spaghetti squash n zucchini <3

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