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Lowest calorie bread you can find?

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I'm just wondering because I recently picked up some stone ground wheat bread for 100 calories a slice, (which is kind of high considering you usually use 2 slices at once!) but I didn't see anything less than that. Has anyone had any luck finding anything? I know I know. I could always use an alternative to sliced bread, but gosh darn it sometimes I just want good old fashioned sliced bread for my sammiches. :-D
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I always buy Nature's Own 100 % whole wheat.  It is 50 calories and 1 g of fat per slice.  Plus it's got lots of fiber and protein.  I love it.
I found some flax bread by a brand called The Baker (got it at a local supermarket chain called Market Basket) that has 50 cals per slice...  I'd advise looking into flax bread.  I know some other people on here cut their bread slices in half (not the way you usually would, but down the middle so you get 2 super-thin slices) but I don't have those kinds of skills.

Have you tried wraps using flatbread, lavash, or tortillas?
Gosh! I don't have those kind of skills either! :-o Crazy! I've tried all the above, but once in awhile I just want to eat a slice or 2 of real, fluffy, chewy, and soft bread ya know? Anyways, thanks for the tips! I've heard of the Nature's Own brand but I haven't heard of the other one, but next time I go shopping I'm going to go ahead and look more closely because 50 calories a slice is just perfect! Thanks guys! :-)
That's the bread I use, ratinhat! Nature's Own, well, owns! They also have Double Fiber Wheat Bread, which has 40 calories, 5g fiber, and 4g protein. That's the lowest I've seen in my stores.

I know there's a bread out there that is 35 calories per slice, but if I'm correct, it's white bread. Personally, I'd rather sacrifice a few calories and get a healthier version from Nature's Own or another whole wheat brand. Good luck!
There's also a brand called Healthy Life.  If you get the lite whole wheat, it is 35 cals per slice.  They're small, though, and there isn't much to them.  I prefer sticking to regular whole wheat bread and just having less of it. 

Good luck on your search! 

Healthy Life is awesome!! They also make hamburger and hotdog buns.  The best thing about Healthy Life is that it is really high in fiber.  The slices are on the thin side compared to other breads. However, the slices are only 35 calories compared to most breads that are around 70 calories per slice.
just weigh the bread out :P haha most brown etc bread is around 50g a slice, so look for 30g slices and the cals will fall. Its normaly 230 (Approx) per 100g for brown/wholemeal bread. So bread slice size is the key!
i use nimble bread its only 48 calories a slice
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The brands mentioned above are not available on the west coast!!!

The lowest calorie bread i can find is roman meal whole wheat bread only 60 calories
I like the Sara Lee "Delightful".  Its whole grain and 45 cals a slice.  It also is large enough to make a decent sandwich and soft enough for my liking.
i hate soft and sugary comerical breads, i love nothing more than chewy and leathery whole wheat breads, you know, the ones where you can still see the wheat berries and seeds.

i like my bread rough and tough.
Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread - 40 cals a slice, it's got oats on the top, it's dark brown, fluffy and very full of flavor. Not at all like the "Light" wheat bread ... that tastes like cardboard!
I get the Mrs.Baird's Calorie Light Bread, only 40cals a slice as well.
How do you all know the cals of the bread that exactly? I never found a bread in the super market or anywhere else where I could read the cals from. I am allways taking the whole wheat bread stat's from this site, I didn't know there where so many differences O.o
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Hi ratinhat88,

I really love the whole wheat potato bread by Martin's. It is only 70 calories and really tastes good. It is kind of sweet and not dry like some whole wheat can be. Also, it is more dense than some of the lower calorie breads - sometimes they are too light-weight. The first ingredient is 100% stone ground whole wheat. We all know that is the most important thing. Also, it has 6 grams protein and 4 grams fiber per slice and only 1 gram fat. I have a ham sandwich with 2 oz of  ham and two slices of this and it is only 200 calories. (and lots of protein - 22 grams total for sandwich)  Look for more info at
Probably not going to find anything at the supermarket...


If you have a bakery in your town, you could go and pick up some french breads. Very basic and flavorful (a french roll has about 150-200 calories).

Bread + Soup = a great meal (and not too harsh on the calories either)
The whole grain rye I use is very good and about 40 cals per slice. The thing is, they make it out of just rye, water, salt, and bio-active grains.

No sugar, no milk, no fat. It's very plain, but the rye itself has a pleasant taste and it's good toasted and topped with various low cal toppings, like roasted veggies, and a dab of goat cheese or cottage cheese, or perhaps a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

so rye bread be ok if had a wheat intolerance? 

I don't know if they do it in uk,  I never seen it at local store but may be able to get it from place I d online shop.

Some of these brands arent available in UK,  anyone from UK know of lowest calorie bread?

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Quite often I make a topless sandwich, especially if it's been a low exercise day.  I buy the whole wheat double fiber bread.

We use Pepperidge farm soft wheat which is 45 calories a slice and only 7 grams of carbs       It is high in fiber so that helps      I watch what I eat and when and my hubby is diabetic so good taste and low calories and carbs is high on our list

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