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I am looking for ways to try and lower my sugar intake. I eat a lot of fresh and dried fruits, and while healthy and delicious--their sugar levels are still pretty high.  That also tends to be the case with protein bars.  Anyone have suggestions for a good, low sugar snack? I eat two snacks while I'm at work (one between breakfast and lunch and another after lunch), and I have a big salad for lunch so I don't really want to eat more veggies for a snack.
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what about lowfat or fatfree crackers w/peanut butter. Or small tin of tuna with crackers.
hmm...good suggestions. thanks guys.  i especially like the tuna and crackers idea...
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sugar freee and only 10 carbs jello or low carb no sugar puddings by jello i like the new mint one only 60 calories
Fruit salad? ^_^
i can't do the fruit salad because i already snack on a lot of fruits, and they're just really high in sugar even though they're healthy :(
I just read your post again, and I don't know how I missed the fruits bit. Skimming again, I guess. So sorry. :/

It's difficult to think of a non-fruit/veggie snack. Sometimes I eat a piece of plain grainy flax seed bread. But most of the time it involves vegetables or fruit... :S
Popcorn - air popped  or in microwave
Toast - Bread fingers? Cut the crusts of the lowest cal bread you can find (wholemeal) and spread with... vegemite... or maybe dips/cottage cheese and veggies like sliced cherry tomatoes (hmm, sugary...)
Carrots and cottage cheese rocks
Mini-sushi rolls (not made with rice, just get the nori paper, wet slightly, wrap veggies in it and eat??)
Ricecrackers and salsa with melted cheese?
Bake mini savoury muffins
Eggs? You can microwave an egg in a tomato hollowed out (pierce the yolk)
I like rice cakes also and the mini rice cakes. they are called quakes and like 70calories for 10 of them. the ranch ones are great flavored
You didn't mention about how many calories you are looking for.  I always (oh well, it's life so it's almost always!) have an afternoon snack of Nancy's nonfat yogurt (or nonfat cottage cheese) mixed with 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed.  The flax is very tastey and adds good fat to my diet.  Also, because I only like the nonfat yogurts and cottage cheese, it makes my snack more filling by adding the fat.  2 TBSP has 60 cal, 4.5 g fat, 3 g protein, and 4 g fiber.  If I have Nancy's yogurt, that adds 120 cal and 12 g protein and 450 mg calcium.  If I have the cottage cheese, it adds 80 cal, 12 g protein and 100 mg calcium.  Sometimes, I add cinnamon and vanilla extract to the yogurt!

In summary, I have a snack of 180 cal (or sometimes 140 cal) with 4.5 g fat, 15 g protein, 4 g fiber, and 450 mg calcium. 
what about seeds? I don't know if this is just british but The Food Doctor does great packs of low carb balanced mixed seeds with different flavours...if you can't find mixed seeds just buy some pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some linseed seeds, mix them together and shake with a dash of soya sauce... shake them all together... let air dry and then ta da... yum tum! xxx
I have the same problem as you.  I find things like tuna and crackers (they come premade now), I take those mini bags of popcorn and pop them at my work.  I also eat the sugar free Silhouette yogurt.  I also buy the Astro kind, it's not sugar free, but you get your omega-3's.  Sometimes I just grab lean sliced meat like turkey or chicken and wrap it around a piece of cheese. 
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