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Are there any low sodium lunch meats out there?

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I have high blood pressure and would love to be able to have a wrap at lunch with turkey meat or some other lunch meat. Are there any low sodium brands? The only alternative I can think of is just grilling some chicken breasts myself and using that but just checking to see if there are any alternatives.

Thanks in advance!

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i'm sure there are some with the low-sodium designation, but you're much better off to grill your own.  processed meats are horrible: loaded with preservatives and fillers.  even worse, they're typically made up of the lowest quality meat: the bits that are leftover once all the butcher cuts are taken.  they mash them all up and put them in a mold - it's basically waste disposal.

edited to add that you should watch the chicken breats, too.  if you're getting them frozen, they're often "seasoned," which generally means loads of sodium. 
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ugh. Gross.
Thanks for the info! I guess I'll be grilling my own!

re: chicken breasts:
I only by fresh anyway! Laughing

you can always buy your sandwich meat from the grocery store deli. like, you know, they slice and package it for you. that would be lower sodium than buying processed gross stuff.
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Original Post by ewwxroflzz:

you can always buy your sandwich meat from the grocery store deli. like, you know, they slice and package it for you. that would be lower sodium than buying processed gross stuff.


I do that already. I looked it up and it sill has toms of sodium. Most have at least 400 mg per 2 oz. It's crazy!
Cooking your own chicken breasts is definitely the way to go - it tastes so much better than bought lunchmeat, you have control over what flavour it has, and you know EXACTLY what's in it (no fillers or preservatives or chemical flavour enhancers)... and lastly, it's cheaper! I stock up on chicken breasts whenever I can get them for $2 or less a pound and grill them up four at a time. It only takes about fifteen minutes to cook them and then they're there whenever you want a sandwich. :)

I'm not sure about your personal preferences, but another thing you might want to try is sauteeing some fresh baby spinach with garlic and sliced portabella mushrooms in some olive oil, then add a little bit of cheese and or avocado or tomatoes and roll it into your favorite wrap. It's a little bit higher in fat, but its all healthy fat, and you can control the sodium. It's one of my favorite things...

Try your own chicken, turkey or tuna wraps.. Using turkey or chicken breast and cutting it up yourself. Try wrapping it in Romaine lettuce leaves. Makes for a health lunch

I'm pretty sure Boar's Head makes a lower sodium turkey breast without preservatives.

Applegate farms has a "no-salt turkey" which only has 15mg per serving. You can get it at the deli counter at most grocery stores. 


There are some lunchmeats that are lower in sodium then others. Do your research and don't be afraid to ask them in the deli what the sodium level is. When in doubt ask to see the prodct packaging yourself.

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Hey vadams, I've had the same issue. Was getting tired of doing the grilling myself for deli sandwiches. I scoured the internet and found a good solution with the company Thin 'N Trim, Google them. They are by far the lowest sodium meat out there and are actually quite tasty. Only problem is that they are still a smaller company and mostly have their products in the northeast. I know they are looking to branch out, so maybe write to them, or your local grocer to carry their products!

Hope this helps you out my friend!



Zombie thread.  Vadams' last post was 3 years ago.

There are but they are very few and far between. You are better off cooking it yourself and most of what comes out of the delis is packed full of sodium. I also have high blood pressure and have worked in a deli so I have seen a lot of labels on the products that made me think twice about eating lunch meats.


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