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Low Fat, High Protein, Low cost

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I need help. What are some foods that are high protein, low fat and don't cost to much. Also they need to fit into a 300-500 calorie meal.

Right now I am on a very tight budget, but I don't want to stop my diet. I am only allowed to eat 1200 to 1400 calories a day. Over the last 2 days my percentages averaged: Fat - 31.4%, Protein - 11.5%, & Carbohydrates - 57.2%.

I need to cut back on Carbs too, but the main problem I am having is that a lot of the High Protein foods that are low calories have a high fat% too, like eggs.

Please, I would appreciate any help.
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Tuna packed in water is good. I get one that is 90 calories, 20g protein, 1g of fat. You can easily add vegetables and fat free mayo (10 calories) and make tuna salad.
If you cook with eggs alot, then you can just use the whites, or buy egg beaters. They are pretty much pure protein and have no fat.

Beans baby! Buy them canned or dry - both are very cheap. Beans are high in protein, have little or no fat, and have tons of fiber. They're also very easy to incorporate into dishes.

Frozen spinach. One cup has 60 calories and 8g of protein, with 7g fiber to boot! A large package costs a little over a buck.

Fat free yogurt. Substitute for sour cream or use to dip with fruit in a side dish. Buy it in a large container rather than several little tubs - it's much cheaper that way.

Cottage cheese. Use for dipping veggies as a side dish or use in a recipe for a cream sauce for topping pasta dishes.
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